Best Book Review ever Written

The best book review ever

You can' t all be a judge in the Tournament of Books. Well, not every novel deserves a rave. Yes, they got my novel; and yes, they wrote a review. than the detective.

Not only is it the worst book ever written, it is also the worst book ever written.

So what are the best book reviews ever written, and what makes these book reviews so good?

Hereís Brianís review of Twilight on my name is blella. bala svan. Hereís what Stepheníne didnít tell you. Itís super-duper-important. The next day after it raín, it was raining outside and I wrinkled my forehead all the while. Cackled to my face, damn it! I was staring at the outside rains where they usually keep the rains. There was never any rains in Phönix. I really like phönix. I really like it. I like it.

after stumbling over a large bag of bubble wrap on my bed room bottom, I slammed my head into the edge of my bookshelf, which had three bookshelves and was made of fake wooden plywood. After putting on cool dressings and stabbing most of the bleedings, I went to class, but they must have relocated the schoolhouse around the city.

i snuckle to myself, darn college that moves folks! after i was driving around for a few hours looking where they put the buildin pullin' up eldward collen beside me in his gleaming, silvery volvo that was sterling and a saab, i think. he rides a muscular breast rifle, carries a blue-grey long sleeve knitted wafer t-shirt, relaxing seated denim with contrasting seams in a slightly desperate underwear and an ivore-colored jacket from the coloured hides of club seal. he dresses very well, like someone who carries beautiful clothing. his well-musked breast waves at me like an old boyfriend, but edvard looks at me from the driver's cockpit.

I think he had got glass cancer. although he stared at me and gave me the hand, he was smiling and telling me to go to my classroom. he knew where they kept it. I wondered how he found it. But then I almost stumbled over my accelerator and dropped through the windscreen... I am so awkward... when we got to grade Edwards went well muscle breast to grammar group.

"I' m trying to be careful," chuckled his breast and at the same moment gave me a frowny side look that made the venous vessels under my hide appear ice-cold in my skull. "Haha," I sniggered and knocked on the breast. "Everyone was staring at us in the corridor, which was a long room that allowed us to enter various doors," the pupils wore clothing and spoke and wore a book. Through the outside window of the class room, looking at the outside, I could see that it was still pouring out.

I stumbled across my clit and dropped into a galvanised metal wagon on wheels. three persons were seriously hurt. I giggled and turned light scarlet. how awkward. at the end of the class I was accompanied to my vehicle by Ed. Culllen. his breast was nowhere to be seen. probably in the Bananenrepublik or on the hunt for cougar. I gigghed before myself, darned bust!

"I sniggered for a while after giggling. "He gave me his valentine to keep me warm from the rains, which are usually very damp. Then he glanced at me again, smiled with the right half of his face, but wrinkled his forehead with the half of his face and was strangely indifferent in the central part of his orphanage.

"When I fell over a fender into a bike stand, I said, "You know, it' s not the only thing getting me soaked.

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