Best Book Quotes

The best book quotes

The best quotes from books - recommended pages. Many thanks to everyone who shared with us and enjoy the compilation of the greatest book series of all time. " Good friends, good books and a sleepy conscience: this is the ideal life. "Hello, I am the author of "Greatest Inspirational Quotes: While it may be difficult to agree on the "best" book quotes, here are some of my favorites.

40 most influential quotes in literature

It' an irresistibly pagination is a beautiful thing, but the greatest fiction packs phrases so prevalent that you stop to read, let the book down and just spend a minute in the words. This is where we honor our 40 most potent propositions in novel. "It was a light, chilly April morning, and the clock struck thirteen."

"There' s an image of a Patrick Bateman, a kind of abstract, but there is no true me, just a being, something apparent, and although I can conceal my cool look and you can shake my hands and touch how the meat grabs yours and maybe you can even notice that our lifestyle is probably comparable:

"In the meantime, it'?s their ancient job to make everyone look and fuck around."

50-inspiring quotes from the book

Let yourself be puzzled by the world's most famous book quotations - and enjoy reading the titles they come from. Every daily, millions of citations are shared by web-surfers. An individual iconset from a classical novel is not just a dash of positives. Do you want great quotes that will lead you to great readings?

To inspire you, you can discover two citations. First, take a look at the GoGoodreads Quotes catalogue - an area of the book recommendations page where readers can post their favourite quotes from them. The book quotes on a Goodread are ordered by preference by default so that you are immediately inspirited by the most mighty thoughts.

To search for well-researched and attributive quotations, go to Wikiquote. Literature quotes are grouped by titles, so the simplest way is to research the most interesting thoughts from certain titles. Which is also very useful, each detail page contains information about the chapters from which the respective quotation comes.

There' are many pages where you can order your favourite book quotation on a billboard, a mug, a T-shirt and dozens of other articles. Below is a listing of pages that provide high-quality book quotation design for a wide range of articles. Situated in the biggest market place with handmade goods, it features thousand of quotes from literature - on placards, jewellery, private objects, electronics and clothing.

The Redbubble - a market place for individually created articles, incl. printed matter, letterhead, cases and envelopes or T-shirts. In addition, it allows the user to post their own picture and make their own designs. It' s expanding fast, and here you will find placards, home accessories and stationary - also with book quotations. So if there is a quotation that you think should be added to the listing, please include it in the commentaries below.

This is a beautiful quotation from Gandalf in a vivid quotes and prose style. Immediate downlaod, one 8 10 in. x 8 in., jpg or mpg. André Gide's beautiful quotation can be hung on the walls. Quotes and Prose created an 8 10 x 10 inch JPG or DVD version of the work.

An excerpt from David Mitchell's cloud atlas on a calligraphic printout by Brenna Morris. This is the infamous sentence from The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy in a draft by Louise Evans. It is available on various articles, such as clothing, posters, cups, tablets and smartphone bags. Sweetest Pie's designs. Etsy offers it as an immediate down-load and you can choose one of two different printing options.

This minimalistic quotation was created by Momo Digital. Immediate down-load, 300 dots per inch screen format, size: 8 10-inch. This is a quotation nicely visualised by Chasing Elephants. Oscar Wilde's quotation on a Michal Davidson billboard (quotes and prose) is available for immediate delivery.

The Love Shop created this nice look. It is available on up to 38 different items, among them murals, home décor, clothing and stationary. Made by Ambush. Instant Quotes can be downloaded digitally and printed in 8. 3 × 11. Wonderfully visualised by Bright Designs.

Behind the quotation is a section of Paper Town with this special text. This work of art by Lisa Foster is available as linen cloth and mounted printing. Iconical quotation by John Green in an icons of Risa Rodil. It can be on 30 private and home items, includes handbags, stationary, phone sleeves and even bed linen.

Ascribed to Marthe Troly-Curtin, the quotation appears in her novel Phrynette Married, first released in 1912. It can be visualised in a DC Intrusive visualisation system. This work of art was made by Leider Desig. On display on eleven different items, among them mounted prints, cushions and carrier bags. These are more listings from our exclusiv Best 50 series:

Top 50.

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