Best Book Publishing Sites

The best book publishing sites

Writers have websites that tell you about their writing. Though it seems Apple only does ebooks, the deal they offer is good. Now, publishing yourself is easier than ever. The Angie's Diary lists the top ten free promotion sites for self-published books. Specialist websites can offer upload services for books by authors on topics related to the site.

Top 7 tips for self-publishing a best-selling book

Did you always dream of creating your own book? You have already composed your work, but haven't found the right publishing house yet? Whichever your storyline is, if you're thinking about self-publishing, here are a few tips for publishing my self-published book, The Wedding Virus and Other Snippets, to number one in its Kindle Shop section.

Composing a book and creating a book jacket are two very different abilities. And, since you only have a fraction of a second to attract someone's attention (yes, it' a book is judged by its cover), you want to reach this second point! One of my greatest tips here is to employ a design team of professionals to help you make your book stand out.

Make sure you tell the designers as much as possible about the course of the design, possible colour scheme and the kind of feel you want to evoke - don't be cautious! That'?s your book, and your envelope should do the job. The best new? I' m no expert in advancedEO, but I was able to put the fundamentals to work, and these were enough to get me #1 on Google for the word "The Wedding Virus" and my website on the first page of Google surches.

Don't just go selling, go one better and create your own You can use your authors page to give your reader more information: a full account of your book, forthcoming shows, images, links to your website, and anything else to help them get to know you better.

You can also use an Amazon authors page to improve Google's ranking and allow you to include a book thumbnail to the book sell page that is only available with an authors profile. If you are publishing your book yourself, you can only select two different Amazon product groups. Let's take my book as an example.

I' m writing "Women's Fiction" or "Contemporary Women's Fiction", but these are enormously. I would have competed against any book of fictions ever published for a woman if I had been there. My alcove was "Humor", a sub-category of "Women's Fiction". "This way of addressing niches has contributed to the succes of my book and will also contribute to your succes.

I very much appreciate that if you want to publish your book in eBook form, you should definitely consider Amazon's Kindle Direct Program (KDP). First, with KDP you can publish your book for 5 free of charge. Later on, if you increase your book prices, if your Amazon rankings have increased, you will probably be selling more of them.

That' s great, because it allows you to pre-sell your book and help you become a bestseller even quicker! Before you even publish the book, tell them your big novel! The bookstore is a long process, but there is never a better moment than now. Place a large "pre-order" link (tips here) on your website that links to the page of your book at Amazon so everyone can buy it before it's even ready.

Locate and publish your blog and sites that your audiences visit and volunteer to post for them. Search for sites that will check your book or make a giveaways with you when it is published. Once you make your book available to the public, don't be afraid to ask all your fans and fans to solicit it.

This was the best thing I did, and it was nice to see my people gathering to help me. Their first novel The Wedding Virus & Other Snippets has just been released.

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