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The Publishers' Association says the best of film, television and theatre starts with a book "The Publisher Part for the Wider Creative Industries" (PDF) is the headline of the study conducted by Frontier Economics. It is the latest step by the publisher organisation to establish the book publisher as an important part of one of the UK's most dynamic industries. It is one of a range of articles, both educational and supportive, by the organisation, others on the UK publishers' commercial contributions (PDF) and the publishers' contributions to schooling ( PDF).

In addition to stats and their interpretations, the report contains several case histories, including the handling of Daphne du Maurier's 1951 book My Cousin Rachel by Roger Micheli, the six-part TV show by Susanne Bier, The Night Manager, from the 1993 John le Carré book, and Michael Morpurgos 1982 War Horse, which went on in 2007 and was published as a Steven Spielberg movie in 2011.

In comparison to originals and script, the Publishers' Union announces that book adaptions are increasing on average: A declaration that has been drafted for today's publication quotes club president Stephen Lotinga, who sets out with crystalline clearness the intention of this interesting new research and adds an additional voice for stronger IPR.

"Story-telling ", says Lotinga, "is the core of the creativity industry and often the best tales start with a book. "The research shows the enormously beneficial business effect of the UK publisher on cinema, TV and theatre, as the inspiration of our unbelievable writers is the wellspring of so many success.

As things progress, the various major interest groups representing the creativity industry, such as the Publishers Association, have sought to show the importance of their work in a profitable entertaining industry that cannot be ignored by besieged commercial and policymakers. When analysing some of the main findings of the new press release, the Publishers' Association splits the information in its reviews into films, TV and theatre.

"From 2007 to 2016," the association reported, "52 per cent of UK film production was made using footage that was out there.  These movies brought 1. 5 billion (US$1. 9 billion) in UK cash receipts and 22. 5 billion (US$30 billion) global, representing 61 per cent of the entire UK cash flow and 65 per cent global.

Of the 35 high-end book ranges manufactured in the UK between January and September 2017, 40 per cent were bookbased. Just 26 per cent were either a real storyline or an adaptation from another TV or movie format. "The Publishers' Association does not only offer good on-screen translations of works, but also on stages.

In 2016, 27 theatre plays from accounts earned 25 pounds. This link to the writer - along with Lotta's remark about "our amazing authors" - may be encouraging for those who observe the dialog on Creator Revenue between the Publishers Association, the Society of Authors as well as the Authors' Licensing and Collecting Society about which we have been reporting here.

Author can be heartened to see the survey "investing early in authoring and promoting their careers" as one of the ways in which publishers contribute to all three stages of exploration. Jane Friedman is also co-owner and publisher of The Hot Sheet, the magazine for commercial and indies.

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