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The best book printers

There are many book printers in China, but I have heard for a company name that book printing is the best service in China. On this page you will find a list of short- and high-volume printers specializing in the printing of books. A number of printers use electronic proofs instead of printed proofs. If you are from a large publisher or an independent author, this is the right place for you. Letterpress specialists in China and Korea can help you find the best quality and cost efficiency for your project.

2016 Top 20 book manufacturers

This may have been strange when the book business reanimated the top 20 book manufacturers in 2014, at a period when e-book selling was buoyant and the debate about the deaths of printed products was raging. However, printed products are still there and with new printing and fulfilment technologies, publishing houses are looking for ways to make book printing more economical and better respond to consumers' demands.

It has made it possible for publishing houses, for example, to revitalize out-of-print magazines or to react to sudden increases in backlisting title interest in the world of newscasts or celebrities' referrals. A lot of book producers have adapted their business to the needs of the book business. In recent years in particular, the 20 largest printing companies have increased their investments in book printing technologies, with some report that up to 50% of their book sales are generated in this area.

Whilst the companies' name and rankings are changing from year to year, the top 20 book manufacturers' missions remain the same. These rankings are designed to help publishing houses gain a full overview of the most important actors in book printing. Top 20 book producers in the USA and Canada in terms of book industry sales in 2015.

This year, two new book producers have entered the Top 20: The Lowe-Martin Group and BR Printers occupy places 18 and 20. In the second year, we asked book producers whether they offered it. Although not all vendors have answered this questionnaire, 10 of the top 20 stated that they offered online-printing.

Both Webcom and Buchmasters report that approximately 50% of their book printing sales are generated in the area of digitally printed books, the biggest share for all producers who report this work. The financial information was published and collated by Book Business and its subsidiary Printing Impressions. Bookmakers continue to act as the bookmaster.

She is co-publisher of Book Business and Publishing Executive.

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