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The most popular authors from the fields of fiction, non-fiction, mystery, fantasy, sci-fi, children's books and more, summarized in a simple A-Z list. The" Master of Horror" Stephen King is author of more than fifty books, all of which are worldwide bestsellers. Meluha's Immortals is the first novel in the Shiva trilogy and also the debut novel by author Amish Tripathi. Bestselling authors use transcriptionists to save a crazy amount of time writing their books. Here's a real story about an author who does just that.

Favorite authors choose their favorite books from 2017

We' ve asked the authors of our top 10 2017 book to publish their favourites this year. A book I really liked this year was Jac Jemc's The Grip of It. It is a good ghost dwelling tale - they come every 20 years or so - and it gripped me, not only because it was as frightening as everything comes out, but also because it was such a concise and unshakeable portrayal of a young couple.

Dawson's selection is another pressing call to act. Both the two great organising stories of the twentieth centuries - economy and policy - dubbed societal democratism and naeoliberalism - are in bankruptcy, and no new one has emerged that mobilizes purpose and societal change. His book Out of the Wreckage: He points out that we need a new history to understand the realm and open the doors to more hands-on vision.

It is possible to get a feeling of transformation by reminding ourselves that we are deeply rooted in society, that people make purpose through interpersonal communication and fellowship. It is Monbiot's proposal that we can realise this basic humanitarian wish to be part of - and overcome the atomisation and estrangement that today corrodes society around the globe - through the reconstruction of our indigenous peoples through participative actions that build thick network of people.

It is a book that should be shared with all those who hope that we can find a way out of the wreck of the present into a better world. Díaz' selection is a similarly multi-faceted and bold work of fantasy. As Joanna Walsh's attraction to the hotel industry - she has released a book devoted to them - in simple and encoded form, her latest compilation of shorts, worlds from the end of the word.

TEMPERATURE: TEMPERATURE temperature: temperature, temp. conditions - just like a lifetime is ultimately transit. WoWORLDS FROM THE WORD'S END puts a lot of strain on storytelling convention and language code, and we end the book feel that both have hacked here and there. Elephant ant (Farrar, Straus and Giroux) is Gidla's sensational memoirs about her family's Indian lives as a pristine, the smallest group in the country's cast system.

Gidla's selection is also a memento of the time. Phillip Lopate's A Mother's Tale is a compilation of tales narrated by his mom, Frances, about her Brooklyn infancy in the 1920' and her career as a woman and maternal, as well as a war-workswoman, confectioner, paper-writer, vocalist, dance and actor.

This book is built on recorded discussions she had with her at the age of 60, just as my own book is built on recorded testimonies with my family. He was a larger-than-life personality who ruled Phillip's entire existence until he abandoned his home and to some degree even thereafter.

Godwin's starring coming-of-age novel, Grief Cottage (Bloomsbury), is about an 11-year-old kid who, after the death of his mum, lives with his lonely actress on a small South Carolina islet. This book came later in the year and I never dreamt that one of these days I would have the opportunity to read it: Kunzru's selection is a bold, murky novel.

I' ve been reading several books in the last few years, all of them brief, all with an ambience of uneasiness. Samanta Schweblin's most famous is probably his masterly fever dream, and Ariana Harwicz's disturbing, lyric The, My Love is in a similar area. She' a woman and a mom who wants her whole place burned down.

One of Manseau's biographies is of Joseph Conrad. The Dawn Watch by Maya Jasanoff is a startling and exciting examination of the lives and works of Polish-born British writer Joseph Conrad, whose stories of unreal mishaps gave his first writers insights into distant countries and future generation with a persistent criticism of the dark at the core of the country's colorful missions.

Jasanoff's hand, the threads of Konrad's life and the resulting inspiration of the biographical story constitute a network of man's hopes and tragedies, giving an insight into historic characters and events as far-reaching as anti-Czarist revolutionary, the epochal transformation of sailboats into steamships, the horrors of the Belgian Congo Indiana and the construction of the Panama Canal.

They may not seem to stick together as a whole, but they do it in the forceful, evolutionary way that every lifetime mixes dream and memory. Phillips-Fein emphasizes a bio of Elizabeth Bishop. This book contrasts Marshall's own lives and those of her profession, and mixes the bishop's bio with the history of her brief interactions when Marshall was a Bishop's lyric writing students in the Seventy.

This results in a bio that deals with the arts of typing, the way science and research (as much as poetry) can provide a way to incorporate loss that would otherwise be too great and too hurtful to withstand. Rothstein's selection is another example of race disparity in America.

Reception of both crimes committed by James Forman Jr. in Lock Up Our Own in the socially segregated, low-income neighbourhoods where our most serious and potentially exploding societal conflict is smouldering. Later in the book, the book asks when Forman will discard one of these groups?

However, the authenticity of the writer is untouched until the end, when he reports on his attempts to win the criminals over to their perpetrators in solicitations. Ward's notable Sing, Unuried, Sing (Scribner) follows a mother's journey with her daughters and her sons (who sees the spirit of his grandfather) to collect her husbands from Mississippi jail after he is released.

Ward's choice is Andrew Krivak's novel about a local influenced familiy. I' ve had a calm year of readings, with a new infant and a new book, and, like many folks, I've been diverted by the messages and my Twittereed. The year began with a book that I liked very much.

Andrew Krivak's work came to me in 2011 when he and I were both National Book Award finalists. The Signalflamme, his second novel, was released this year and is the ideal remedy for the madness of the bigger game. One of the best personalities in the book is the story of the familypriest.

Somehow this thoughtfully nicely composed novel, which screams from the domestic scene, has an old-fashioned feeling and was a balsam and an inspirational experience for this tired readers.

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