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Best children's booksellers 2018 Please if you are a featured author and would like to refer your representatives, please get in touch with me. I' d be happy to put your operative on the manifest. Every one of the brokers on this page is highly appreciated by connoisseurs - their authors and illustrations. WHAT DO YOU NEED AN OPERATIVE FOR?

We are fortunate in Ireland to have the O'Brien Press, whose writers like to reread scripts without being asked. Your work can be sent directly to one of the editorial staff. They also like to reread unrequested scripts - they have very good filing rules. Recently Gill publishes children's literature, Mercier and Poolbeg also offer children's literature and acceptance of unrequested script.

However, most British publishing houses do not tolerate unrequested copies, so you must file your paper through an agency. EXACTLY WHAT DOES AN OPERATIVE DO? 1 / An agency can provide advice on your script and how to make it more appealing to a publishing house. They' re also great at having bizarre bay names, as I found out.

2- An agency can find the right publishers for your work - like a bookseller. The representatives shall address the delicate and technically complex area of the Treaties. Being a good operative can be an important part of this trial. REPRESENTING SOME OF THE BEST CHILDREN'S AUTHORS? Be sure to search each agent's website for submitting policies before sending anything.

Alternatively, call the office for further information - I know it's scary, but they're always ready to help you decide how (or whether) to do it. Beware - you can reach the agents yourself on the telephone. As Dave Rudden says: "I'm with Clare Wallace on Darley Anderson - I can't suggest her enough!

Clare also replaces Olivia Hope. McMillan: "My spy is Jenny Savill with Andrew Nurnberg Associates. Jenny also replaces Nigel Quinlan. Marianne Gunn O'Connor is representing Shane Hegarty and Cecelia Ahern. Kathy Cassidy is replaced by Darley Anderson and strongly recommended him. Russell Sanderson and Lu Hersey are recommending their agents Ben Illis.

I' ve got Zana Fraillon recommending her operative, Claire Wilson. Mark Burgess:'I am featured by the outstanding and beautiful Nancy Miles of Miles Stott Children's Literature Agency. They also represent Gill Lewis & Frances Hardinge. Good Luck Looking For A Great Negotiator.

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