Best Autobiography Openings

Best-of-breed autobiography openings

The first paragraph of "Long Road to Freedom": It is the best chance for the author to reach the reader. First line of a good biography must be a showstopper. Do not open with a quote unless it makes sense and is crucial to your story. Write an introductory paragraph deciding first what you want to say about yourself; a good way to start is to study the openings of other autobiographies.

The best opening line of a bio | Biographies, memoirs and auto-biographies

At the moment this subject is labeled as "dormant" - the last news is more than 90 jours. This first line of the volume is so nice that it sticks to me for 20 years - can anyone surpass that? "For seven years after the great king's demise, the fair Versailles, which was deadly to France, was empty, while the breath of freshness blown through its gold rooms, and the magic and fanaticism that were hanging on the wall like a miasm blown away, the old centennial blown in and the new.

" This is a great subject! Will you be satisfied with "captivating" or "fascinating" instead of with nice opening rows? "His Majesty King George the Third, raging and sometimes abusive, was straitjacketed on November 2, 1810. "In 1542 the whole of the British Isles was in a stormy climate in the 1542 season; in the northern part, on the border with Scotland and England, there was snow and freeze in December, so that the vessels were freezing in the port of Newcastle in January.

" The Mary Queen of Scots of Antonia Fraser. "At the end of the Friday 30 June 1559, a long piece of splinters of wood from a tournament spear penetrated the eyes and brains of King Henry II of France. "Catherine de Medici, Renaissance Queen of France by Leonie Frieda. Years of Lyndon Johnson: The Way to Might by Robert A. Caro.

" Additional points to Robert Caro for so immaculate capture of the larger-than-life Persona of LBJ in his opening line. Oh, I adore Robert Caro's book! Wow, I adore Robert Caro's novels, and I don't know Victor Herman at all. "by Frank Frisch: the Fordham Flash an autobiography as narrated to J. Roy Stockton, released in 1962.

" It is not identified as a priority over a work, writer or other subject.

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