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Which nobody tells you about being a bestselling author. The reason why self-portrayal as an author does not work. It'?s the truth about being an author. Have you ever wondered what it's like to be a writer?

Author-friendliness How can publishers be more author-friendly in today's world of scientific publishing?

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Which no one is telling you about being a bestselling author.

"He' s doing books," my boy answered. However, I wonder if in a few years, when he finds out that I only author my own works, and I don't really make them, he will be upset. A girlfriend e-mailed me last weekend and asked me if I could promot her very first album.

She' asked me to e-mail my newslist. She was told by her editor that she had a chance to "hit the list". "Skyler, what is it? Booksheets do strange things to you. So, I had a little chat with my well-meaning girlfriend and persuaded her that in the long run it would be better to be selling more than a bestseller listing and help many folks.

On the next morning I talked to another author who was about to publish his first work. A lot of press on the presentation. A lot of hassle to become a "bestseller". Here are the truths: Being a bestseller doesn't mean what you think. You beat the New York Times, USA Today, or Wall Street Journal bestseller lists once and never more than a few after.

Writers and editors put too much emphasis on the launches themselves rather than on the durability of the text. As many people believe, the term "bestselling author" does NOT necessarily mean higher royalties, more consultancy services or more advertising around your name. I' ve talked to many bestselling writers about this and they all seem to be agreed that this is a misconception.

That' s surprising to the public, but there's not a certain number of things it doesn't take to become a bestseller. An author I know became a New York Times bestselling author who sells 3,000 titles. Someone else sells 20,000 the first fortnight. They were both first writers, and this was the first weeks that their works had been published.

Does this mean that we should not worry about becoming a "bestseller"? Rather, we should re-define the concept or reclaim it for what it should mean: a product that sold better than most products. For you and me, that means we shouldn't try to hunt random songs like "New York Times Bestseller", but rather look for better ways to reach and serve an audiences and get a title (or whatever you have to offer) into their hand.

If the New York Times finds out, well. Concentrate on what you can monitor (how many accounts you are selling or how many contacts you reach). At the end of the day, it will be much better than to spend $100,000 to make a bill and never be contacted again. Read more about what it means to be a bestseller in Tim Grahl's free online game.

So what does a bestseller mean to you?

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