Being a Writer

be a writer

They see writing as a craft. You' re going to write beautiful words and be the next Kafka. A romantic writer is the guy who uses a ton of flowery language, thinks that his book is taken up by Harper Collins and deplores the lack of literary quality in today's writing. So you want to be a full-time author? Here is the full overview of what it's like to be a writer.

Writing is difficult

And I think I eventually comprehend why my dad almost exactly his sh*t got out when I ever admit so craven that I wanted to be a writer. Wanting to be a writer, tell a story and bury the remainder of my day in a book. Of course he was disillusioned, and in a tantrum of anger because he disobeyed his desires, he said to me that I would be suffering for the remainder of my lifetime, because the letter would never give me any kind of fulfilment.

It' s been about a year since I gave up the wish to start a job and just sitting and typing in front of my computer. Obviously I had some distractions - as an assistent, project consultant, freelancer - to stop the light and surrender to my costly wines and shoes cadence.

I' ve been making a year or so worth of books I loved, and it was so absolutely and laughably violent that every fortnight I almost threw my MacBook off the fourth level, which has become my only source of proud and glad. It is a solitary life, because you almost always live in your own mind.

Of course, there are the nice scarring that I get to part from time to time; plays that write to me, exactly how I am feeling and sharing feelings that I find so difficult to convey in interlocutors. Lately I've been so busy with lengthy essay and email that I can only think in terms of list.

Allow me to show you the 10 toughest realisations that you will inevitably find as a writer, and why it is probably better to go to school, find a career that will pay you to take part in pointless gatherings and benefit from this advantage. There is no point for a writer if he is addressed by a person who says with pride that he does not actually do so.

Writers are every author's gravest bad dream. Although her role is undoubtedly the keys to a prosperous and rewarding careers in editing, she will always be regarded as the deprecating principal of a noble schoolhouse. I would be the naïve US gal who doesn't leave anything to her fantasy and hides everything immediately.

As a writer, you have to realize that one of the things we are quite good at is to read between the line. Or, because we often bring subtle signals into all our work, could it also be that we just have the feeling that everyone else is doing it? Hopefully I will be as careful as I can to avoid embarrassing my best buddy, but the truth is that literacy and alcohol drink go together.

Granted, my best bits were done over a drink or two (or more) of it. It'?s more difficult for a writer to fall in touch with you. It' s not a disgrace, but the truth is that you tend to think you're a mother when you're typing. An author is nude without his/her diary, a crayon and an old copy of a favourite novel - including hand-written memo.

I never left home without three things: a diary, a diary and the novels of Garcia-Marquez.

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