Being a Published Author

To be a published author

Name on a book jacket. Very little is done by publishers to market books. Editors do not go through most of their authors. It doesn't matter to the media. The branding is a slow process, no guarantee.

Stuff I learnt as a writer.

If you' re a novelist dreaming of being published, often imagine a queue of keen writers queuing up to endorse your latest novel during your stormy 16-city touring. So you can eventually end this terrible days work, and end up living your whole being in your sweat at the keypad, with infinite amounts of cafeine to fill up your irresistible creativeness and the random books galas to enliven things.

They will then be published. With nine books, my 10th of which will be published in 2018, my work which has been published in over 20 international journals, and even a guided expedition in Poland - Poland?-Poland can testify that what I thought I would become a published author is not the same and what it actually is.

Publication is a trade. Editors are fond of literature, but they are fond of more selling literature. So if you are fortunate enough to have survived the spit race of agent, submission and rejection to get an effective retainer and agreement, be cautioned now: it's time for you to take the lead: Prepayments are advances on prospective purchases. With your assigned author's share.

As long as you don't sold enough pieces to make the deposit, you won't see a cent of them. Make your living and you'll make your living, but don't wait for a save. Publishing houses do very little to promote them. After all, it's a shop, and who goes to the shop and doesn't bring their products to sale?

Now, editor. Publishing houses purchase works from writers, process, pack and reprint them. Then, the ledgers are sorted and handed out according to bookshops. Bookshops are selling the books: they are or were the most important means of promotion. If a bookseller does not resell it, it can be refunded within a certain period of it. Isn' t it right that the publishing house should have chosen to publish 14,000 of your work, did nothing to advertise it, i.e. only 4,000 pieces, and now you have to return 10,000 pieces?

Whoever wants to be a bookseller has to make an investment. You' ll need to use your own funds to advertise your work. They can take to Facebook and Twitter like a crazy hatmaker and shout, "Buy my book" whatever you want, but to make a dimple in these 14,000 pieces that are currently seated on a wide range of bookshelves and desks and online widgets, I strongly recommend employing a serious publishing company.

So don't hurry with that deposit to buy a new big one. Publishing houses do not go through most of their writers. When these 14,000 pieces have to be sold to make my advances and receive emoluments, and many of these pieces are in real bookshops, wouldn't it make perfect business....?

The publishing houses have to prepay to visit you. Now that you are screaming "Buy my book" on Facebook and Twitter, so many people won't take the trouble to miss their favourite show this evening and listen to you on a stage. Except you are a trademark author (more on this below) who does not spend enough to warrant it.

Grow your bookshops locally, but promote your books to a broader public. The papers are staggering, most have narrowed their reviews to the scale of a stamps. Unless you are Caitlyn Jenner or another of her kind, most big journals, radios and TV shows really don't mind about you or your work.

You can find other ways to commercialize. All of us know the brand writers, or if you are a novelist and you are not, you should do it. However, the reality is to become a brand author is a priviledged one. Nowadays, it happens very seldom with only one work. When you win the lottery and your story hits the best-seller lists, happy birthday.

However, once you have recovered from the Champaign cat, keep in mind that with so much information flowing through our cultures, few people will ever recall your name as the author who has written this first work. Trademarks evolve with several bestsellers, sometimes also with several well sold titles. You' ll be known for typing a certain kind of history, accumulating people who like that kind of history and hopefully continuing to buy your textbooks, and with the times, if you're really fortunate, you' ll be creating a trademark.

They can have several ledgers that make their advance payments, give you bonuses and allow you to extend your publishercontract. It'?s just not the right thing to do with a good read. It' never going to stop astonishing you, but some non-authors in your lifetime will look at you with a strange mix of reverence, proud and a hint of jeal.

Although the gold-plated era of lion-forming writers has died out with the emergence of everyone celebrating Star-on-Instagram, authoring an original work is still an achievement. To have it published by a publishing house is a masterpiece. "Congratulations. How many copies do you have? What you do, I like it. It' impossible to feel the sorrow or frustration and the rollercoaster of ups and downs if you don't like it.

You just fell in Love with your history. If it' a goddamn thing, it's a goddamn thing. Just after #8, when the script is filed, reworked, edited and redacted, has a front page and is published and circulated, stop being in loving and recall all that has been said above. Now your canvass is a good one. It' the perfect opportunity to promote it as if your careers depend on it.

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