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Since this was not possible, no other was charming; therefore no other was to be taken into account. "Wonderful is indeed the secret of our being," Anaxagoras cried out. For Billy Brue, the simplest itinerary was the most likely. When one of the servants was complaining of abuse, his lord had no authority to keep him.

Meanwhile, the city of Mauburn's optimization has been desperate overrun. It was his responsibility to keep it in good shape under his aegis. Then he would sit in a stool and stretch his feet, with the wind, to be at home. He had his grandson safely dumped for the day and fortified in his ward.

While he was by no means an idyllic friar, he was just as far from being a disgrace. It was with humble delight that our protagonist was listening while being mistaken.

Traveler 52 seats: Trickery of women's lives in Tangier

A flourishing town in Morocco - and its feeling of illegality and ethics - has been inspiring people from the West for many years. However, travelling during the trip turned out to be a real challange. The shipment takes them to Tangier, Morocco, where number 47 is on the mailing lists; it is number 30.

I' d already seen them in the terminals of the boat we took from Tarifa at the south tip of Spain to Tangier at the north shore of Morocco. Name was Mina, she said in Spanish. "I' m from Morocco, I have a home in Tangier, but I was borne in Spain," she said.

When she returned from three sabbaticals, she visited her brother, who operates a nearby seaside resort. In Morocco I had to be cautious, she said to me. Don't go alone as a girl and be ready for everyone to ask me for it. I had already experienced - and even more so - the particular unease felt by Moroccan travelling mothers.

It is a flourishing town with a feeling of outlaws and an ethic that has been inspiring the West for years. Though it was simple to see Tangier's many charms - the hot and welcoming atmosphere, the tasty meals, the breathtaking deserts - I could not help but be envious of those who could really appreciate this paradise without being persecuted (literally) by annoyance and outrage.

When the ferry arrived in Tangier, Mina was still with me after she had remained to help me through my pocket as a policeman and then in a cab to my cute, humble little resort in the middle of the south. In spite of the hours, the roads were full when we drove up; the summers in Tangier are so warm that the town usually comes to life after sunset.

One young man who was speaking English tried to accompany me to my room - which was right in front of me - when Mina obstructed the way and whispered to me in Spanish to be wary that everyone here wanted my family. On my own travels to so many places I have designed a series of security releases around the world.

But with Mina I felt a relationship as a traveler who had traversed the Continent and the Strait of Gibraltar together in the midnight - and I thought maybe they too. Rather than going to the motel, I dropped the guard and followed Mina with my rucksack and trolley bag up through the brickwork roads of the médina to an open, street-side eating stall called Ray Charley - basically six footstools and a bar with a small cuisine and two chefs, both called Sayed.

This was a wonderful evening of culture diving, which finally became a bit disturbing when Mina took me back to my room, went to the front desk and declined to be there. So I wanted to see Mina again to accept her bid for a cup of coffee and a cousin, but she didn't have a phone and couldn't give me her adress.

I only know that travelling has made me believe that most peoples around the globe are basically good. I had two boyfriends, Linda and Melanie, come to Tangier. All of us wanted to discover the town, and none of us wanted to do it as a single traveller.

In the famous Café Tingis in the Middle East, we chose not to have coffee because there was no female in and out of the 50 or so women. Almost every women wads into the sea in the long gown she wore there, while men without shirts play football and surf.

On the roof of Dar Yasmine every day we had our breakfasts with a view of the harbour and the precise level of the great mosque's large glass and glass towers on the other side of the town. This was an example of the richness of artistic, colourful architectural design around the town. On Throne Day, a day of celebration marking the jubilee of the present King Mohammed VI, we were fortunate to be present and to see a firework display throughout the whole of the Mediterranean.

Naturally, the Mediterranean district is a typical Maroccan centre, the old part of the centre, a vibrant and lively one. Here you will make your best purchases for tuning and gold-painted sneakers and be spoiled in an opulence of freshly ground olive and other delicacies, which are located high up on the sock.

I' d have come back every morning to get fig fruit hulled on a trolley and avocados milksmoothies in the World of Juices are standing right in front of the mural. The" new Tangier" has a welcome respite. We particularly enjoy the nocturnal stroll along Tangier's long, broad promenade, which seemed to be a frequent diversion for many people.

Touristically full but delicious diners like El Morocco Club and Rif Kebdani provided relaxing dinner - and in the case of El Morocco the only real Cocktail we had during our sojourn. In Chefchaouen, embedded in the Rif Mountains, about two hrs drive from Tangier, we made our first experiences with hiking.

A part of this was that we had registered for a Viator guidance with Ahmed Achtot ($176 for two to four people). And it was like being seen by the canon. A long time ago, the inhabitants of Chefchaouen began to paint their building azure. It is located on the coastline, two hours by car from Tangier, on the same section of sandy beaches where the Emperor has his holiday home.

We went directly to the Mediterranean after the most boring day and kebab of the journey. She said a women could only go with her husband or her husband. As Melanie and I spent a relaxed time in the wind (it seemed like a great place to study outdoors), we were the only ones who didn't speak Arabic.

You know that a rapid ascent is required almost everywhere in Tangier. Take a small taxicab or a small one. If - as we did when our chauffeur in Banyan Tree chose to leave us in Tétouan, a town 40 min from our goal - you should go to a motel.

The office staff in our motel didn't speak English either. If you are willing to get large sums of dough from an A.T.M. who often has men on the pavement in front of it, our resort offers a 10 per cent rebate on our five nights in bar, which is certainly a reward.

One thing you will always need when you walk through the middle of the Mediterranean, you will probably be addressed by young men who sell tissue packages for 2 dirhams or 20¢s. The call to pray of the Great Mosque is heard every morning at 3:45 a.m. on the speakers, and many in our hotels complain of lack of sleeping.

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