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Writers' workshop for beginners

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. This is a practical work-shop for new authors who don't know where to begin. Pam McCutcheon shows you in this six-week long studio how to take an initial concept and turn it into a full-fledged storyline. Utilizing the fundamentals of characterisation, plotting and self-processing, you will use a step-by-step process to create the outlines of a novel or brief storyline, receive teacher and teacher input, and then provide some advice on the craft of typing and how to promote and vend.

McCutcheon is the writer of two non-fiction works for authors, eight signed with two others, two amendments and three non-fiction works (the latter as Pamela Luzier). As a lecturer at a number of scribbling studios and meetings throughout the Netherlands, she has been on the boards of three domestic and three regional scribing organisations.

She has also assessed and/or conducted numerous competitions and worked as a free-lance script advisor. As a former US Air Force business graduate, Pam is now co-owner of the bookshop Authors, Authors! For registration, go toAutor, Autor, E-Mail, or call us at (719) 277-7323.

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The non-legal, five-day course is conducted according to the "first come, first served" principle and does not involve the filing of manuscripts. It is open to prospective authors of literature and non-fiction as well as seasoned scholars who want to revitalize their work. She is a scriptwriter, screenplay author and author of comics.

Writer of the books "This Beautiful Life" (a New York Times bestseller), "A-Day at The Beach ", "P.S.", "The Revisionist", "Out of Time" and the anthology of shortshows "Not a Free Show". She has published her literature and non-fiction in Vanity Fair, Time, Vogue, GQ, The New York Times Book Review, A Public Space and The Paris Review.

Christine is a lecturer in literature at the New School, where she is a lecturer in literature. She' also the managing directress of the company The course is for everyone, whether you' re an expert or not, who wants to make a history! We will focus on such elements of destiny as: how to design an opening, how to make a character, how to put them in a scenery, how to make describing written cutlets, how to make (and steal) dialogues and how to find tales in us and in the otherworld.

It should be enjoyable, warm-hearted, included and respectable. We' ll also learn to learn to read the work we like most for handicraft items, by strategic literacy.

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