Beginners Guide to Writing a novel

Guide for beginners to writing a novel

Get them some pocket protectors and a box of red pencils. Then flatter them with the lie that you respect their opinion. Purchase dinner for them and convince them that if they were kind enough to offer it, they would take their advice. Skip to Why should I use Scrivener to write my novel? - Scrivener is a great way to write a manuscript.

Prepare to spell 50,000 words.

Wh-what is NaNoWriMo? NunoWriMo is the National Novel Writing Monday, which is held every November. NunoWriMo was launched in 1999 to motivate would-be authors to just take a seat and start writing a novel in a supporting setting (and encouraging these pauses to just keep going). Authors around the globe who are up for the challenges register and pledge to type 50,000 words in just one months.

Though it may seem difficult, over 300,000 authors registered with NaNoWriMo last year alone. Prior to walking in the mountains, let us tell you why in our Beginner's Guide to NaNoWriMo. Authors are eloquent, articulated, communicative minds, but writing can be a rather lonely and isolated affair - lessons that you spend alone (in your study/garden house) reading words on a keypad.

You' re against time - because you know you only have a whole week to put 50,000 words in, you'll be squeezing yourself in as much as you can every single workday. You still don't think it's possible to put 50,000 words in a single months? By 2014, they interviewed attendees and 86% of those questioned said that NaNoWriMo has been helping them understand what they can achieve if they are committed.

Publish your journal and make a schedule of when and where you will be writing. The majority of authors are juggling work and home (E. L. James popularly writes Fifty Shades of Grey on their BlackBerry on the way to work), so getting used to a grin.

Are you going to get up an extra minute and work? Are you closing your desk and writing angrily through every luncheon? Is it possible to take the weekends off to work on your novel? 50,000 words per months is about 12,500 words per weeks (with a few free days).

They may be some of the amount of nonsense you are spending with your person out this case period (they understand), but don't slice all the fun out as you condition any consequence to stronghold you deed, for representation go for beverage with a person if you person backhand your point 5,000 speech.

There is a nice NaNo fellowship in London that meets before work in a bakery, after work in a café and even on weekends in a bookstore. If you sit around a desk with other poeple working towards the same aim of writing for 45 minutes, then have a fraction together for 15 minutes and then get back to it, you will be more prolific (with the premium of making some writers buddies also).

When you can't get out, there are virtually write-ins where everyone gets to work for a while and then runs a conversation and repeats themselves. Tip: Try going to one of your scripts at the beginning of the months, so there are still many others you can go to.

Would you like some fast and simple utilities to enhance your writing? Learn your character inside and out. It takes a really good grasp of who you write about before you do it. Not only will this make the writing experience a lot simpler, it will also make your writing experience better - a twofold benefit!

You could make newspaper cuttings of folks who look like their personalities, take pictures of the clothing their personalities would be wearing when they went to the store, gather maps of the places they think their personalities would go to, etc. You could take pictures of them. In addition to these visually, our NaNoWriMo character checklist (download below) will help you fill in your character (and prepare you to write great dialogues and powerful descriptions) by asking you detailed character question.

Sitting you on the hottest chair and seeing how well you really know what makes them feel before you begin will make your characterization much more credible. Organize your idea before you begin. You really want to get a novel written in a months time, you gotta get organized.

To have a powerful schedule before you begin writing will allow you to be more prolific. So, now you have taken up the challenges, sort your journal, watch the meetings, get to know your character really well and organize your history.... you are prepared for NaNoWriMo! For further advice on how to get started with NaNoWriMo, please let us know in the comment field below.

Don't forgetting to tell us how you are making progress during the course of the InnoWriMo by twittering us @Iamselfpub. Up to 5 Best Productivity Apps for NamoWriMo to make writing 50,000 words a little easy.

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