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Start with the Why book

I'm a reader of books. I' d definitely recommend to start with The Basic Writings of Sigmund Freud, by Sigmund Freud (author), A.A. Brill (translator).

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Importance of assuming why

This is a good new type of flipchart that comes with nothing but a flipchart and a visual stylus. It is a very easy and perhaps not really new concept that the moderator Simon Sinek spoke of. There are some things I could argue about - Apple's achievement (now, of course) is more complicated than he suggests - but the crux of what Simon says about the meaning of Why is quite truth.

I' m sure watching this conversation will make you think. In his book "Start with Why: How Great leaders, inspiration everyone to take action", Simon goes into detail about the concept of beginning with the why. Check out his TEDx Talc below. Based on the easy but very important WhySimon concept, many tasks can be mastered, including building a good representation.

While most speakers concentrate only on what (information, dates, more information....more information just in case) and then spending some amount of patience on how (which often leads to the production of typically bulletpoint-driven Pt films), there is almost no real thought about why. Why is where we should launch almost all of our project, even a presentation.

"I' m wasting a lot of my spare minute on a collegiate education." Or" Why do I really want to do this profession, or why do I stick with this one?" The deep reflection on why is not abstract; it is basic. Throughout our lives and businesses, we devote all our energies to reflecting on what and how and complain about what we don't have and what we would do if we did.

Seldom do we waste our precious moments reflecting on why. One part of the reasons why we are suffering in our business, academia and even in our own private lifes is that we do not devote enough of our own energy to why. What could improve your work (including presentations) and your overall living if you devote more of your free day to getting to grips with why?

View the fantastic moderator listing here. I will continue working with some of the moderators the next morning before the meeting.

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