Before Writing a Book

Prior to writing a book

Best-selling author Joel Orr shares his system for structuring your book and organizing your writing so you can write a better book with fewer paraphrases. ""How to research before writing the book." by Stefan Vucak. Research (Picture credits: suttonhoo). Making a book is a great way to be seen as an expert in your field or to take your career to the next level - but there are also costs involved.

But before I do anything, I have to think seriously about why I want to write a book.

Like writing a book: The structure before content and writing tips by Joel Orr

Mystery of quickly writing a reasonably cohesive book. First, generate the writing texture of the book. Fill it with contents. First you will produce technical diagrams and perhaps a 3-D cast. The same goes for a book. First, you set up the tree, then you type. Writing a good book and writing quickly becomes much more complicated without a clearly structured way to organise your thoughts and thoughts.

BookProgram? has a simple approach: first of all, you have to generate the index of content. Then, go down one layer and make subchapters for each of them. When you have your index and subchapter, you will not run stairs through a supporting pillar or slam the front gate against your neighbor's gate when it is opened.

Can you tell us about book structures? Can you tell me the texture of a book? What do I have to say first to keep the pledge I made to the readers in the book's name? There are things that rank naturally - you have to know that before I can tell you the other.

Here you can choose when to enter the index. However, remember: your readers must be taken by the hands and guided through the complexity of your subject. They probably know a lot about it, and you may have forgot how little a readership can actually do.

When you begin with a series of false beliefs about your readership, you will quickly shed them. Since the 12 major themes I want to cover in this book concern my 12 sections, how much do I want to put into a particular section? This way you know if you are doing something other than your readership expects, in speed and contents, or something similar.

You can use the hierarchy to determine at which layer you want to reach the readers. Should I use my book about writing a book to discuss the benefits of different text-processors? As soon as these structural elements are fully understandable and the index of content and subchapters are completed, you can begin to fill in the form.

The contents are the reason why the readers have taken up your book. It wants the information you have for it - the things that tell it the "why", the "how", the "who", the "when" and everything else it wanted to know when it was drawn to the cover of your book. In order to provide the contents that you know the readers want and need, your organization must provide locations.

So I want you to concentrate on the book layout before you add contents. If it' s structured right, the contents just flow out of you, and that makes the writing itself much simpler and more enjoyable. As soon as you choose to start writing a book if you are not sure what to start writing about, the methodology will give you ideas:

If you know what you will be writing about, build your own tree. And then you just get down and started writing. These are excerpts from How To Use A Book by Joel Orr. Two of the following tab pages modify the contents below. It' the simple secret of writing a book in 30 working hours a week!

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