Becoming Writer after 40

After 40 years of being a writer

Can you become a writer at 40? He' tried year after year. Amour only published his first novel at the age of 43. Nearly 20 years after he began to write every day. When he passed away, he had authored over 100 novels that sell over 320,000,000 times.

But he did not call himself a writer of "Western" notion.

Preferably, he is described as a writer of "Frontier" notion. Everybody is confronted with their limits. I' m afraid is my limit. Fear is the first thing I encounter when I awaken in the mornings. Well, a good writer spends his whole life pouring it into a work. These are the pretexts that L'Amour had to take in order to escape his comfortable area and succeed:

No-one enjoys what I am writing. The publishing houses don't let me compose more than two fiction a year. 320,000,000 later, with 100% of his book still in the press, Louis L'Amour selected himself. He' s exploring the limits of his fear.

 11 authors who began belatedly

You' re gonna have your nostrils covered in a notebook all the while. But still, sight-seeing gets exaggerated, right? Hawarden is a small town in Flintshire, Wales, where travellers can stay in a historical living room set in a tome gathered by one of the UK's most renowned premier. Her Majesty's Chief of State for four years, William Gladstone was living in nearby Hawarden Castle after he retired from office.

He collected more than 30,000 volumes and placed them in a place that he imagined to be a place where one day they could live, dine and read. The historical Heathman Hotel in Portland has a catalogued loan collection of more than 2700 autographed works, thanks to a relationship with Powell Book's bookstore and non-profit literary arts.

It is the biggest self-contained hospitality literary archive in the state and one of the biggest signed galleries in the wide open; among the publications are signed by Nobel Prize and Pulitzer Prize laureates, U.S. Poet Laureates, former US President and more. On four working nights per month, an in-house archivist houses a selection of wines in the Heathman Meczanine Bank where more than 2000 volumes of the Heathman collections are stored.

At the top of the list is the Jefferson Private Libraries Books Room. Holidaymakers can act as if they fell into the Wonderland House, a six-bedroom Brighton, England venue celebrating Lewis Carroll's 1865 novel Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. The Commons The Commons in Minneapolis offers a good little guide that is brought directly to your room by a local pub.

The Commons is just a few paces from the University of Minnesota and is near one of the nation's biggest independently owned art organisations, the Loft Literary Center. Situated on the art campus of Yale University, The Study at Yale is a shopkeeper' s establishment that catches the collegial spirits of the Ivy League.

Photographs of Yale's Michael Marsland Yale's Photographers studio are lined the wall; the sitting room/lobby has a room-high bookshelf with books written by the Strand Book Store in New York City; the rooms are equipped with comfortable armchairs made of genuine leathers; and eight "Study" suite contain workspaces, including book shelves.

The New York City Library is celebrating its closeness to the New York City Library's stately Stephen A. Schwarzman Building, the city' main building, by leaning back and forth from the prestigious centre of knowledg. With more than 6,000 titles spread over rooms and open spaces, each of its 10 levels is based on one of the 10 main Dewey Decimal System classes: philosophies, religions, mathematics and sciences, technologies, etc.

Some of the rooms are furnished according to genre or theme within these groups, so that visitors can stay overnight in the fields of zoomology, mysticism, astronomy and even sex-fiction. If they don't read, visitors can unwind at the roof terrace, the Writer's Den & Poetry Garden, which turns into a Bookmarks Lounge at nights and offers theme beverages with fiction.

Visit The Libary - a fashion store in Koh Samui, Thailand's second biggest isle - for its minimalistic aesthetics, beach view and blood-red pools; remain in the collection, which contains a vast choice of textbooks, DVD's, CD's and iMac computer area. Snuggle with a book instead of padded pets in Book and Bed, a Tokyo based motel with 30 small single berths in a vast shelve.

There is a lack of essential amenities such as bathroom facilities, and the 1700 bookshelves in Japan and England are not for technical purchase, but all the furnishings are new. "You won't find the ideal place for a good night's rest here," confirms the website of the company Buch and Bed. This is an adventure when you read a comics.

" In The Betsy, a Georgian and art-deco styled glamourous Georgian resort on South Beach's Ocean Drive, you can visit the beaches and the book. The rooms have small libaries, and the guesthouse sets a bookmark on the cushions of the rooms, which are labeled with Plutzik's poems. Betsy also regularly organizes art and culture activities and has a dedicated writers' room reserved for artists' residences.

Oregon's Sylvia Beach Hôtel is dedicated to Sylvia Beach, the prestigious US publishing and expatriate who established the Paris bookshop Shakespeare and Company in 1919, editor of James Joyce's novel Shakespeare and Company, and editor of F. Scott Fitzgerald and Ernest Hemingway's novel Hangouts. Situated high up on a cliff with views of Nye Beach in downtown Oregon, and each of its 21 rooms is dedicated to the famed authors Oscar Wilde, J.R.R. Tolkien and Virginia Woolf, to name but a few.

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