Becoming an Author

To be an author

It takes a hectic pace, determination and many sleepless nights to work on your computer. Which McFarland Publishes McFarland is a leading independent academic and general non-fiction publisher. It is worthwhile to become an author, even if it is very difficult to write and publish. There are fourteen amazing advantages to becoming an author. It was Jennifer Milius who exchanged her company life as an author, coach and motivational speaker.

Become the author's fantasy? YA's Best Writers Tell You How

To become an author is no coincidence. However, if you are willing to do the (really hard!) work, your dreams of releasing a work can come truer. Writer Maggie Stepfather has been on the New York Times bestseller lists for more than 40 week with her successful Shiver werewolves album. If that wasn't enough, Maggie also composed the Raven Boys and The Scorpio Races and is preparing for the publication of Sinner in July.

There is Brittany Geragotelis, who has taken her own road by posting her novel Life's a Witch on the Wattpad website, where he has read more than 19 million times. Publishers couldn't help attracting attention, and Brittany made a deals for a run of three books - even talking about turning her d├ębut into a television show.

Last but not least, web journalist Melissa Walker translates her know-how about the clothing sector into her own teenager band, Violet on the Runway, after working for glosssies. In addition to huge selling, Melissa has been critically acclaimed and has since composed a number of books, among them her latest, Ashes to Ashes.

Up-and-coming writers, get your notebooks in! "One has to deal with the concept of publishing once one has composed a real, full manuscript," says Maggie. "As I began Life's a Witch, I thought, "What would I want to do? Brittany says. "I' m writing because I want my work to be fun, but it's also a story I want to do.

" So Melissa says, the more you eat, the better your own type. "She emphasises, just as much as you can get. Once you've finished your work, it's past the point of making changes. "I' m familiar with many gifted writers," says Maggie, "and not one of them immediately produces a published work.

Ensure that the product is as shiny as you can get it and that it actually tells the tale you wanted to tell. "Demonstrate your ability to show your appreciation, get your comments and be open to positive criticism," Melissa added. Maggie, Brittany and Melissa, like many writers, have a powerful exposure in the corporate world.

Brittany: "No mater what you do, everyone has to do his things quickly. Investigations, questions and denials. As soon as you have finished polishing your script, the next stage is to find a literature operative. "That' s the one who represents you to the publisher and becomes your life-long sidekick," says Maggie. You want a good one, so research the operatives of your hero literature and go from there.

Like Maggie says, a request is a brief account of your novel, similar to what you see on the back of a book: "It' a tempting one-sided Pitch - that's all you'll send the agent to evaluate your work. If you have already chosen to buy a volume on the basis of the information on the front back of the envelope, how many copies will you have?

" There will be many denials once you contact an agent. Any author goes through this, and although it's difficult (nobody wants rejection!), Brittany suggests that you do your best to remain upbeat. "And authors pay attention - when it comes to operatives, when something seems lazy, it usually is.

"Melissa warns: Never ever subscribe with an operative who asks for funds to study your work." And the good thing is, thanks to the technologies, we are in a new age in the field of printing. So if you've been interviewing operatives for some considerable amount of research and still haven't had a single bit of luck, consider the alternative: to publish your own books on Amazon, Barnes & Noble or Kobo.

But in Brittany's case, it's self-publishing that finally led to her big bookshop. Today, even great writers opt for self-publication.

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