Becoming a Writer later in Life

Later in life become a writer

They can start at an early age, or you can follow it after retirement and in my opinion it is the best time to express yourself in words or share your life experience. I had a harder time getting up in the morning. Perhaps he hated his life. Most writers who start a little later have a lot of other advantages. You have much more life experience - and more to write.

Isn' it too early to be a writer at the age of 28?

Things were right in his life.

Actually, I'm going through a rough patch in my life. Maybe I'm writing a drama.

You have a great storyline to tell!

One Quora visitor recently asked if it was too latecomer for a writer to turn 28. Yes, my dear fellow, 28 is too young to be a writer. To become a writer, the cut-off point is 22.

It' never too early to be a writer.

Unless... you think it's too early to become a writer. It' an alibi. It' an alibi for not acting. That' not even a good reason.

Yet they will wonder whether they are "too old" to write. Damn letter! It' never too long to put words on a page. It' never too time to do anything.

That is, unless you think it's too lat. On what aspect of the trade should a prospective writer concentrate? Begin today.

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