Becoming a Staff Writer

Be a Staff Writer

The Staff Writers are the main content generators of the magazine. It is also the way some of my students became writers. No one knows which shows are being broadcast!

Be a Staff Writer - The World Mind

At the moment The World Mind accepts all categories of Staff Writer-application. The main part of the journal is the personnel writers. Every Writer is allocated a colum which refers to his areas of interest and experiences. Employees must have a LIT 100/101 or 106: Collegiate Writing, SISU 105: World Politics or GOVT 130 degree:

have proven comparative political science and at least one course of relevance from the requested region or subject area or the requested focus and/or understanding of the corresponding region or subject area or the corresponding focus. If you have already worked in any of the fields listed in the application form, please indicate any vacancies that are either academically or specifically for you.

Add a pattern of not more than 3,000 words to a subject that is pertinent to the category for which you are candidating .

Becoming a Staff Writer - Ask Anne

To become a novelist, does one have to have a Bachelor's in order to be taken into account? Can you be an author without a diploma? Could a former activity as a free-lance author give you the position? Advantages of a position are clear - a foreseeable wage, maybe some advantages and the possibility to be written and public.

Also the drawbacks are clear. I am biased for work from home, but I have also been seduced by personnel positions from there. There are also personal and employment opportunities for authors. In fact, there are a few people who write a job that you can work with most or all of the way from home.

Like with any hiring, the demands on a write task are different. There are some that need a diploma, others that don't. And, of course, your free-lance author credentials are important. Begin with your CV. I would suggest submitting your CV if your abilities are powerful, even if they say they want a diploma and you don't have one.

More to the point, use Linkedin and other ressources to ensure that your CV gets into the hand of the recruitment commission. Submit your application and I suggest you continue working on the freelancers while you try to find a position. Have you gotten hold of employees who write work?

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