Becoming a Sports Writer

To become a sports journalist

A degree in journalism will provide you with the necessary basic training to become a sports journalist. A major in a write-intensive subject. It is not necessary to study sports or sports to become a sports journalist.

I got an e-mail last night from an aspiring high high-school Junior who wanted to be a sports journalist asking me if I had any suggestions as to which schools and major schools to consider. I think about this issue, which I have learnt from my woman, an academical consultant, that you should work on two things in college: your training and your work.

She is infatuated with what she may outdoes in university and find out that, say, the chemical finance consultant and the English literature consultant. Jounalism is a craft. Studying historiography and having a good libertarian art training was a great basis for a writing and editing careers, although I wasn't seriously engaged in writing until I was almost out of school.

Being a sports journalist, I often wish I had taken more business and statistical lessons, not to speak of a course in stenography. In order to make my point clear, I asked my sportwriter buddies on Twitter and Facebook to tell me what their main subject is. Well, you know how many folks went to college in magazine work? That'?s 7% if you stay at home.

So I didn't verify the interviewees to make sure they really do exercise, and even if they all identified themselves properly, I can't say that they are somehow a prestigious group. Fifty-five persons who are sports journalists and only four of them have studied at university. Five more have been involved in sports managment, which means that 45 of them, 83 per cent, have studied anything other than sports and journalists.

Of them sixteen studied or twice studied in either Englishlit, which makes perfect business practice, but all sports, journalists and major Englishmen throw together, we still do not have half the group. Like I said to my young reporter, the main subject Geschichte was teaching me how to study, speak, write and think at a fairly high school.

And all this will help when you become a writer, whether you're talking about world conflicts or the big match on Saturday. I would advise you and everyone else to learn something you passionately love to learn about. While you' re at it, take the first few strides towards your future, which you should also pursue with passion.

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