Becoming a Children's Book Writer

How to become a children's author

Selling a book is no guarantee for future book sales. Founded to help people make a career in children's books. An author of children's books writes books and short novels aimed at young people. You' re going to use your ability to tell stories to create stories that will. We' ve helped people like you get published.

Children's illustration: inspirations and suggestions

Things can get hard even then - some of the most popular children's illustrations of the fictional world were repeatedly turned down before they had their chance. Dr. Seuss's author, Theodor Seuss Geisel, was turned down by about 30 publishing houses before he published his first book, and even then it was more fortune than intention.

The tiger that came to tea, Judith Kerr, the lady behind The Tiger That Came To Tea, did not pass her degree in illustrations at artschool. She and others held out and convinced the kids everywhere with her bizarre, atmospheric paintings. On the occasion of the International Children's Book Day, we take a look today at the tales of five children's illustrations and how they became known in practice.

When she grew up, she always had a love for painting, but she fell on a degree in illustrations at the arts college ("It's the only times in my whole lifetime that I failed," she later remarked) and The Tiger That Came To Tea was created primarily as an effort to amuse her two kids.

Disgruntled by the shortage of good children's literature, Kerr began to create her own. "I' ve always wanted to make a children's book, but it's simpler when you have kids, because you know what makes them laugh," she said, adding: "I had to draw a whole new set. "The book was an immediate success when it was published in 1968 and has not been out of stock since then.

"In the first Mog book, it was all about what the kitty did and what the kids thought - so the kitty slept and twitched, and one of the kids said, "I wager she is dreaming she's flying," she said. Often praised for the heat, humor and humor of her paintings, Kerr is humbled about her talent from the workshop of her Barnes home, where she still paints at the age of 90.

In 1957, The Cat in the Hat, Geisel's most celebrated work, was created in answer to the literature problems of first-graders in the USA at the inception of the project - and a challenging story for a publishing house who asked Geisel to "bring back a book that kids can't take off".

" This book's formulation, from a large man-made rhyming tabby cats, was dramatically different from anything else back then. "Kites are good because you can place them all over the page in an interesting way, get folks to like that. "Hughes has authored and illuminated more than fifty works, among them the favourite Dogger and Alfie booklets, and the tales of Lucy and Tom.

"When I was older, I was raised in the Middle Ages and there was nothing to do but listen to the air or the cinema," said the filmmaker, whose early life was in Wirral. In my opinion, being bored is enormously important for your creative work - I'm sure that's why I became an illustrator. "It was exactly what I did - just as John[Hughes' husband] was an architect. No.

I used to love to draw and paint. I have since been illustrating children's literature for the likes of former children's prize winner Julia Donaldson and Richard Curtis. "I make a story board for the whole book and then begin to draw full-size coarse illustration in graphite. "to have a strong fantasy as an illuminator.

Sometimes when I work, I try to think like a kid.

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