Becoming a better Writer Grammar

A better grammar for writers

""The best way to become a better writer is to become an avid reader. The grammar and spelling are very important when writing. It doesn't take an eloquent writer to be successful. However, you need to know basic grammar, punctuation and structure. It is not always easy to find our own spelling and grammar mistakes.

Go back to high school: Twelve easy ways to become a better writer

Communicative abilities are more important than ever, but what if your grammar is not quite right? It has changed the way we talk in the corporate environment. More and more staff "work with and largely interact with those they have never encountered via email," Will Ellet, Associate professor of correspondence at Brandeis International School, tells CNBC.

Whatever the size of your correspondence, it must be clear and succinct. With over 100 e-mails sent and received daily by the typical corporate citizen, no one has enough free reading spacey news that doesn't get to the point quickly. We' re all gonna need a little brush up on our commercial types.

And, thanks to a host of free on-line courses and materials, we can enhance our grammar and typing from the convenience of our own desks - without having to spend a cent. 1 ) Create a everyday typing cadence. 2 ) Try to try to reread every single second. As well as everyday literacy, a good way to broaden your lexicon and your typing repertory is a good one.

Grab a novel next to your luncheon or read a mag - even a blog can be a great resource for good writers (if we say so ourselves). You' re comfortable with your employees and colleagues, but when you communicate with your managers or customers, it's a good practice to work with more form.

If you are not sure that everyone knows exactly what "synergy" means, get rid of it in your corporate communications. 7 ) Take the advantages of the free write classes on-line. Massive open on-line classes (MOOCs) are only proliferating, and you can find free classes from Coursera, Udemy and eX as well as colleges like Harvard, Stanford and MIT.

At any time you can personalise your communications with one or two sentences. You will be surprised what a big deal it makes in terms of typing. 12 ) Speak your letter aloud. Quickly and loudly before sending anything important. This may seem a little odd, but spelling out is one of the most efficient ways of detecting spelling mistakes, grammatical mistakes and unpleasant phrases.

This self-learning advice will help you quickly develop your written and spoken language abilities.

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