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How good are top performers compared to all the others? Morgan Snyder's blog Although there were no "danger signs", the weighty gear, the buzzing of the aerial compactor and the repetitive fire of the spike pistol made it clear: something mighty was in progress, and as with every tour de force, one should be better alert if one does not want to be injured. Perspiration and tales followed.

Dads talked about the exposition they had as young men for this kind of tough and sacred work (or not). The young men, too, with scoops, pickaxes and stuffing rods, told their own sentiments. To the handlers of the neighbourhood or other passers-by, the scenery probably seemed like another working days within the gradual and continuous housing building cull.

But, on the plane of the spirit, these were the coarse additions of another round of male rite of passage. Like Franz Schaeffer proposes, there are no small humans, no small places and no small things for the souls of a person who has been given to God and his kingdom.

As the kingdom is at your fingertips, all kinds of things become holy, pervaded by the divine in a way that cannot be materially declared. A mixture of work, history, complaint and games, something was handed down from an older man to a younger one; an unseen trial that was more substantial than the work.

Men, young and old, burrito, fire, filthy palms, shards and story. After a while, to the boys' astonishment, the talk postponed and the dads changed to give them an unforeseen gift: the gear for the male souls. And then came a few ledgers. Related to heavy work, transforming histories and male charity, God the Father invested in the initiatory processes for each of these young men in their endeavor to become the man God intended them to be.

In the last few years I have seen several important components in my journey into the histories of men and in my participation in my own initiations as a man and a heir. These components seem to be universally relevant to the male initiateons. All warriors need arms. All students need them.

All these realities, endlessly singular in their manifestation for each man, offer concealed treasure that awaits to be woken and nurtured in the youth's souls. Each person who delves into his special book, knows his special instruments and learns to use his special weapon in charity is universal: a penetrating inner metamorphosis that abandons one' s bare self and produces an ability to produce concentrated power for good.

The majority of the men I come across have a good book library that is well-received and appreciated. A person's favourite book speaks volumes about the education of his mind. Although the theme can be very different when I see a man who has taken the liberty to study, to think deep and to investigate the inner and external worlds with curiousness, his consideration generates an agreement in my own mind to take risks and to dedicate myself to deep inquisitiveness, thoughts and fantasy.

As alearner, his attitude encourages my own intent to be a disciple of good, real and wonderful things. The most inaugurated men I meet have an appreciated rally of hackneyed tool. Over the years, acquiring a sound set of instruments is one way to restore trust and wild skill in the male souls.

The majority of the initiates I meet also know how to exercise might for the good. A male spirit was made to be available in many different ways. In order to valiantly bring forth strenght in charity. Every gun necessary to see that the wicked and the desolate do not have the last say.

A consecrated man has the capacity and will to exercise authority only for good; not authority over, but authority for; authority in the services of it. "A penknife is the beginning of the initiate procedure regarding danger and the possibilities of might. Giving a young man a penknife and teaching him to lead it in charity is a reason to celebrate.

There is no question that the instruments, ledgers and arms differ in the peculiarity of each man's history. However, the quintessence of the matter and its emblematic part in male rite of passage cannot be overestimated. It was not an everyday building site - it was a contexts for the bestowal of masculinity and masculinity. Some pails, ledgers and knifes and maybe a little faith that the kid needs the man to lead him through the rite of passage.

Undoubtedly it needs a good piece of loving and willing to give everything so that one of these next generations of people will one of these days be on our back. They' re gonna be better, more serious men than we have become. They' ll be loving their wives with power, affection and candor.

Your family and your tribe will be more healthy and will give more and more to those in need. Family members assemble around the table and dwell on the story. In an undisclosed way, the realm of God will gradually deepen and undermine the realm of this earth and the abuse of authority.

Find out about the state of your toolset. The Holy Spirit, what do you want to manifest to my souls? By God's deep and intimate fullness we can become the kind of kingdom and father to whom he gladly entrusts his kingdom. A man's heart and spirit is the greatest warrior in the battle of all time.

We want to go further with our father with a toolset, an armoury and a libary and recover the missing, robbed and bequeathed.

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