Become a Travel Writer

How to become a travel writer

"Write to your passion," says Don George, author of Lonely Planet's Travel Writing Guide. Create a portfolio presence online. Expand your world by starting small. If you write, you know what matters. If you are looking across the Mediterranean or racing through Bangkok, something on your travels will certainly inspire you to write.

Travel Industry Careers - How do I become a travel writer?

Where I got my travelogue from..... Nice ), I chose a different wallpaper and asked for a position as style writer for a clothing mag. Coming back, I asked my journalist to have me create a Honeymoon section, and she consented that I could let her run alongside my regular work, but without a surcharge.

Before I knew it had all the PR and editing connections I needed to broaden my professional life, I never turned back and wrote for as many books as possible. Freelancing travelogues is known to be difficult because a large number of folks want to do it and there aren't as many books that have travelogues (plus some don't even cover the content).

In the beginning I had a corner (honeymoon), which means that I was contacted by different writers when they wanted luxurious and romance traveling. Obviously, the journey. Apart from travelling, I like to write, so it's a daily extra, and this work has given me the opportunity to do things I've never dreamed of, like authoring travel guides and guides, speaking on TV and listening to music.

At the beginning of your professional life, I suggest specializing in a particular field, be it a particular destination or a particular travel itinerary. If you are going on a journey, the only way to make a good deal of it is to make as many friends as possible and be innovative about who you are addressing; think of overseas papers, in-flight journals, paying sites and trade journals and the regular kiosk news.

Attempt to stay up to date with Twitter and Instagram, which is very useful in the travel world.

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