Become a Content Writer

Be a Content Writer

From author of contents to UX author In the beginning of my carreer I found the letter as a verb. Be it company videoscripts, search engine optimization (SEO) items, website copies, meta data or my own thoughts?-- I have always loved my way of typing and worked to improve it with every letter. As a selfconfident author until the date I started at Ola - the, the most beloved ride sharing application in India.

As the first author for the UX copy design staff (back in 2015), I was recruited. When I wrote for a particular topic, I was used to working with different people. Working with UI/UX design and UI/UX design was a whole new one. I have, as always, put their thoughts into words to the best of my abilities, but that was not enough.

but not on the same side. It quickly became clear to me that it wasn't about great texts, but texts that were useful and workable. Even though it was not a new experience for me in terms of readers, it was different. It became clear to me that I had to let go of my author's egos and start typing for the end-customer.

After researching and studying other applications, I asked my staff as many as possible and followed the users' trip attentively. The Roy Peter Clark How to Watch Short was my enriched air boost that helps me improve my microscopy work. I' d have to do a whole story to describe how. That' s right, I have fallen in love with UX after I realised how much work it takes to create the perfect customer experiences.

Everyday is a new dare, because I make copies that meet the needs of your products, businesses, design, law and technical team! But I haven't ceased to learn and will still find better ways to write UX copies. There is much more I want to tell about my history, but in another paper, another one.

As a UX author, let me know in your commentary if you face similar issues. I' d like to know your history! It' a tale that' s written in Noteworthy, where every single working days tens of millions come to find out more about the individuals and concepts that make the goods we like. Please read our publications to see more of the journal team's work.

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