Become a Blog Writer

Be a Blog Writer

Quit seeing yourself as an aspiring writer. Only one way to become a writer is to start writing. Begin by writing down ideas as they occur to you. Get used to it and keep it going by installing a notepad application like Evernote on your mobile device. Yes, it is possible to earn a living as a freelance blogger.

As I earn $5,000 per month as a paid blogger

In recent years I have seen the revenue I earn from my blogs growing constantly. This can mean $5,000 a months or more from blogs. So how did I start a profitable job as a paying blogsman? Advertise my blogs on Twitter and LinkedIn. Continue to develop my public and learn what makes a great blogshop.

If you are an established customer, ask them if they need a bloogger by using my own blogs as an example. I' ll be her anchors blogs and post three days a weeks. A lot of small companies come near me after seeing my entrepreneur postings and ask me to blogs for them too. Thought it would be insightful to take a look at what it would take to make a proper livelihood as a paying blogsman if you were interested in benefiting from post-pay.

In a nutshell, be able to create a bunch of very strong, well-linked, correctly formated, well-researched, brief blog posts. Find out as much as possible about the technological end of Bloggens, so that you can show your customers that you know. I used WordPress, Blogger, Movable Typ, etc. here.

Next, Pitch high-traffic websites and try to become a paying, periodic bloggers. If you write well, other customers who need help from a pro blogsger will start to find you. When you can comprehend what they need to say and the audiences they are trying to reach, do you know how to barn your bloging client.

Here is a break-down of my blogs activities for a typically last months. With no breach of any confidentiality by letting you know what a particular customer is paying, here is the amount of blogs I do for paying customers in a month: rewrote 4 blogs for the same customer to match the good blogstyle, adding pictures, link, etc.

Twelve entries per months for a collaborative start-up, usually for your group. Gawd, I'm sleepy looking at this whole blogs! Of course, this number doesn't include the articles about posting that I make for this you can post another 8-10 articles per week there. In summary, I am a blogger nowadays!

If I show you this, my point is that even at acceptable rate, blogging is a cycle. One has to build many Blogs to be able to earn well. Mine other point is to say, don't log for $10 per posting. There' life-wage logging out there. Being a blogger can really afford to keep the tab.

Yeah, it's not the kind of money that so many dream of when you monetise your own blogs and make six characters on the auto pilot. It' an every day, working way to make money from blogs. I really like to write long blogs, but somehow I fell in fond of the blogs as well.

I suppose that's why I've been doing so much blogging lately.

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