Be your own Boss

Become your own boss

We can help you if you want to become self-employed or start a business: The half-truths of startups and entrepreneurship are those of one's own boss. If you have a great business idea or are tired of everyday life, at some point many of us think about becoming our own boss. While you may have thought you were your own boss while you were a sole proprietor, when you set up a limited liability company you are literally your own boss. There are many advantages to being your own boss.

Become your own boss - July 2018

You are a member of our staff who wants to take the next stage in your professional life where you can be your own boss? Become your own boss - managen your own job. Do you want to be your own boss and cope with your own amount of work? You have the freedom to select your work and make the decision.....

It is your responsibility to get your own stockpile and clean up after yourself........ You are a member of our staff who wants to take the next stage in your professional life where you can be your own boss?

Being the 3 best things about your own boss

More than 600,000 companies will register in 2015 alone, so the drive to set up a company does not look as if it will soon slow down. A key reason many people give for managing their own company is the liberty it allows. Its your own boss allows you to work from anywhere at anytime and allows you flexibility if you have kids, poor domestic animals or just don't like the 9-5 working hours tradition.

But not all of them are rose; your commercial prosperity depends on yourself, not on others, and that can mean long years. There is nothing more satisfying than to be successful with your own company. Whilst the challenges of creating a lively shop can be great, it makes sure that when your work and commitment pay off, your results taste even more sweeten.

This is certainly no obstacle for our start-up borrowers.

A new graduate wants to be his own boss - that's how it is. Cash.

Research has shown that as the year comes to an end, more than half of British college graduates are turning their backs on a job to do it on their own. A Solopress survey shows that 56% of self-employed individuals consider applying for a postgraduate program and only 33% plan to do so.

Go to these networking-meetings and speak, speech, speech, speech. "Every discussion is valuable, you never know where the next job will come from. It' s very important to change the attitude to professionality and say'I am graphics designer' instead of'graduate'," says Lydia Wakefield, head of educational and self-employed at the Association of Independent Professionals and the Self-Employed.

It' difficult to convince folks to buy your work when you're willing to give it away. "Estimate your value from the beginning. Lots of folks are feeling the stress to work for nothing or to calculate a really low rates when they have studied. Customers are willing to afford the work you do," says Wakefield.

"Make sure you have signed agreements and submitted invoices," says Wakefield. Do you know the limitations of your possibilities? "You can sense the need to say yes to every single one. Do you have confidence in how much work you can do anytime and how you can meet expectations," says Wakefield. The Wakefield underlines the importance of thick skins.

Go on, you will find your next customer," she says, "ask for your comments, you can always use it as a testimonial". And keep in mind that you are not alone. However, you are on the same trip as you in a circle of people," says Skinner.

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