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Alternatively, you want to write. Alternatively, you want to write more easily. Do you want to connect with writers AND write something? Check out our new virtual write-in, Be Write In! Bewriten from Middle English, bewr?

tan ("write, record, copy"), equivalent to "about, over" + write.

Proof-reading, copywriting, editing

In order to change the metaphor, I will be involved at every step of your projects, whether you need me to make the recipes (or help), make the cakes or just simply put in the topping. More specifically, I can think about your writing, determine orthography and terminology, adapt the language used, suggest words, set the sound and revise the layout.

And the gap between these needs requires flexible prices (in hours, my price is a sensible $45 per hour). Before each assignment, you can be sure that I will review the criterions within which your one-of-a-kind design will be developed in order to ensure a previous cross-check. I' ll take charge of the spelled part.

I will do my best to work with you and make your own personal and personal approach as bright as possible, without forcing my own.


Some people reject the styling in favor of the material, and on the face of it this seems quite sensible. It' s far too easy to say: "You get the essence, I'll deliver the style", especially when the actual styles can sometimes be substantial and the contents are often rough. Nearly every good letter needs the primordial writer plus at least one more set of eye.

When it comes to text, I can see frequent mistakes in forty steps. I can focus, with your permission and cooperation, on sharpening the edge and making the surface of everything you are working on as perfectly as possible to make an impression on a manager, a future employee, a co-worker, a client, a salesman, a trainer or a trainer (and above all a reader).

Sei. Write. For now.

You' re a writer. Alternatively, you want to write. Alternatively, you want to write more easily. Alternatively, you're sick of just texting for the reader. As you know, you want your letter to go to a place that' s wealthier, more profound and more true, and you can't quite find out how. When you are, come to Jennifer Louden and join her in this original composition workshops, a mixture of reflection and instructions that will allow you to create insight that will free your voices, uncover new thoughts and tales and give you a solid push of trust.

For new and seasoned authors who are tired, pinned or dissatisfied with their typing or the way they write, this course will be an inspiration, take you through the barriers that seemed insuperable, and rekindle your thrill.

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