Be good do good Write good

Have a good, have a good time, write well.

Don't use this tool to give other people a jerk about their writing. What makes good writing important? It' all about stamina. All you have to do is be a good writer. The novels have been translated into hundreds of languages, and anyone can write.

type-good: Naïve Linters for British Prse

Naïve Linters for British fiction for those who can' t write well and want to do other things well. Don't use this utility to give other users a jolt about their typing. reviewGood is a feature that uses a character chain and gives back a series of proposals. "The''was stolen' is passive", writingGood uses an additional option second parameter to deactivate certain scans.

To deactivate the passivity test, proceed as follows: You can use the cheques feature of the second parameter to specify user-defined cheques instead of the standard write good of. So you can validate non-English files, e.g. with the winter expansion for German, write-good:'''' );''': schreibGut}); you can use write-good as a commandline utility by install it globally: write-good will take a globe and print proposals to stdout:

" "You can only perform certain tests like these: You can also rule out cheques like this: Or, add cheques like these: Hint: The --yes preference works only for E-Prime, since the other exams are already contained by standard. For a user-defined check enhancement, for example, write-good, execute:

To deactivate any of the following options, specify a value of the value false as the second attribute for write-good. Check for passivity. Checked for encyclopaedic delusions - cases where a single term is repetitive. Check that at the beginning of the set. Check if there is one or if it is at the beginning of the block.

Checked for "weasel words". Checked for advisers that can diminish the meaning: really, very, extreme, etc. Check for verbose sentences and words you don't need. Checking for clichés. User can set up their own read-only exams. You can specify such enhancements as described above when you run write-good on the commandline or call it from your JavaScript snippet.

You can use the following third partys write extensions: Please open a drop-down menu if you know of any read-only enhancements that are not included in this listing! A Node.js expansion is a Node.js engine that releases an item with a validator (fn) and an explanatory text for each new check: . : :

Each checking functions enters a text and returns a hit count of stylistic violations with an index and an offset: This sample enhancement checks whether the entered text contains a sentence of prohibited words (Tom Riddle and Voldemort): . : :

The Vim ALE real-time winter for Vim with integrated writing material inlay.

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