Basic Story Ideas

Fundamental Story Ideas

That' your basic mystery or detective story. I' m looking for ideas for a graphic novel Im creating. "The history of the brand conveys this ideal. Dispute and character in the story structure. Basic structure of the three laws.

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"No matter how many protagonists appear in a story, their true worry is one thing: their heroes. He is the one with whose destiny we sympathize when we see him slowly evolving into the state of self-realization that marked the end of history. In the end, all other story protagonists take on their meaning in relationship to this key character.

Which each of the other protagonists represent is actually only a part of the inner state of the character or the character herself." He wants to conquer an antagonist ( "often evil") power that is threatening the home of the character and/or the one being. He and his friends are on their way to purchase an important property or to get to a place.

He is going to a foreign country. An easy and funny nature with a joyful or joyful ending; a dramatically charged work in which the main motive is victory over adversity, which leads to a succesful or fortunate conclusion[3] Booker emphasizes that humour is more than play.

or a big error that is their downfall. Her unhappy ending provokes compassion for her foolishness and the case of a basically goodness. There is an incident that compels the leading figure to be changed and often become a better man. Some of these storylines can also be seen as revisions of Joseph Campbell's, work on the search and comeback in The Hero with a Thousand Faces.

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