Basic Short Story

Fundamental short story

You can find many Italian short stories by Italians on the Internet. This is a very short version of Hero's Journey, for short films. Not It Simple, I gave you a simple template for a short story. It seems to me that the fundamental question is that of compression versus expansion. Curriculum - Basic bibliography - Essay topics.

A simple "How to create a short story" article

Featuring the abundance of information and advices from a recently visited writer's fest and seminary, I thought it might be useful to divide a fundamental "How To...." from my notations. Brief histories are.... brief - so make sure the readers feel that their own times have not been wasted:

It all starts as near to the end as possible. And hopefully the words counter keeps you down by slicing out unnecessary back history. Make sure that each set either drives the storyline forward or reveals the characters motivations or characteristics that are intrinsic to the game.

Variegate the length of phrases and heels, but generally keep them brief or at least in line with the pace you would like the history to go along. Metaphoring is a great instrument - but keep the connection to daily routine - or you' ll loose your reader on an erotic journey.

An analogy and metaphor is a better instrument for longer histories, short novel and novel, where the number of words does not have to be put in a nutshell. When your medium sized readership needs a lexicon to look up a phrase, you will quickly shed it.

One of the attractions of shorter storytelling is the secret of the background tales. Knowing that I tend to make things more complicated and accumulate undesirable or unnecessary things in my project and in my surroundings, I've found that this also applies to the days when I'm approaching the time of composing a comic.

If you have a lot of skill, it is often best to make a clearance and just restart from scratch.... from the bottom up. While this is just a very brief checklist of things you should be aware of when you write your primordial storyline, are there any other fundamental hints that you think are important?

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