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WRITERS AND WRITERS BEWARE OF THE BOOK BABY! beech baby Bookbaby was established in 2011 in Oregon, USA, and is a trademark of AVL Digital Group, a producer and seller of digital disc optics for freelance artist, filmmaker and companies in the USA. Buchbaby is also a subsidiary of CD Baby, one of the initial on-line Distributoren for Independant Musicals, which was created 1998 in a parking lot.

In the last three years, Bookbaby has become a favorite among freelance writers for its page design and e-book converting service and has also added additional sales channels, such as Amazon, Apple, Kobo, Barnes & Noble and many other retail stores in 170 different states. Might a bookbaby be used by an editor over some of his competitors?

As with many self-publishing sites, it strongly relies on how much of the work you can do before you publish, how much money you have, and whether you are an writer who would rather work with one than two or more of them. While there may be no up-front charges, you will need the smart files to create a finished download for you.

Amazons KDP and Smashwords do not provide the necessary software for designing, layouting or supporting the generation and output of data for you. They both provide fairly thorough instructions and help pages for writers to get through the tutorial but this may not be every author's pocket, and what's more, it will take some skill and preparation timeframe to create e-book documents.

In fact, I know many writers who choose to use Bookbaby's service to create, draft, format, review and translate e-book documents and then deliver the final file directly to Amazon KDP, Smashwords and Kobo. Buchbaby provides three e-book publication packages (Free, Standard and Premium) with a variety of features and pricing. In order to use them, you must first register for a Bookbabyccount.

It is free of charge, but writers must provide a standard ePub document before the e-book can be made available to Bookbaby's resellers. BookPromo?: an advertising tool kit to increase the ratings and awareness of your book. Bookbaby has an promoted telephone line, but one can only think that this is for general enquiries.

It is $99 and contains all the items in the free base pack, but with the following additional services: It is a default pack for writers who need help and has the advantage that the writer does not have to care about creating and converting a full-featured e-book document.

Finally, the writer must go through the check list and make all necessary changes to produce a finished work. Evidence is not sent to the writer, but the writer is redirected to an on-line safe. Buchbaby warns that retrospective changes to rectify processing or typing mistakes can cause extra costs.

At $249, the premium package means that Bookbaby takes care of every part of your e-book from submitting, reformatting, converting and distributing. Buchbaby will not reduce net revenue (Free and Standart packs allow Bookbaby to reduce net revenue by 15%). Discount Bookbaby provides when writers buy more than one package at a time.

I' d recommend all writers to be cautious after the first converting (regardless of the selected package), because bookbaby fixes cause extra costs and can be quickly implemented. Buchbaby will pay writers according to the author's maximum amount (minimum limit is $10) and on Monday after reaching this maximum amount.

Payment is made directly (US-banking only), by check or PayPal. Buchbaby selling reviews are available in the authors accounts history between 45 and 60 business day after the book is sold. Authors can also fix the selling prices of their book as low as free of charge, provided the shop allows free e-books in their catalog.

While Bookbaby provides an ISBN to writers at a price of $19, the ISBN will name Bookbaby as the editor of the source, while the writer will retain copyrights and other ancillary copyrights to the work. Freedom can mean many different things when it comes to selecting a self-publishing site, but in most cases the writer pays for'free' somewhere - either by the total costs of a bundle or by restrictions on what can and cannot be done.

Whilst most writers associated the business with e-book publishing and publishing activities, Bookbaby also offered a book publishing and publishing business to writers and small publishers. It is also backed by extra coverage and interiors layoutservices ("cover design" from $299 and "interiors" from $399). As an alternative, writers can deliver print-ready data if it meets Bookbaby's specifications (templates available for download).

Bookbaby does not sell print products to retailers. You can print and bind in various bleed size (soft and hardcover), but you really must order at least 100 volumes to make this possible. A 200-page softcover, for example, perfectly tied, with coloured envelope and monochrome interior costs $79 for only 1 piece.

Bookbaby has calculated print costs using its on-line estimate. Minimum order is 1 or 25 copies. The order of 25 copies of the same book costs a whopping $219 + postage. Again, that's quite useless at almost $9 a book. Order 100 copies for $680 + postage, with a $6.80 per copy rate - about twice the rate for the same book directly from Lightning Source or CreateSpace.

Never mind it-500 bottles = $6. 62 pieces cost: 1000 bottles = $5. 09 pieces costs. Bookbaby has a great deal of value for the additional book service and there are combinations of e-book and printed book rebates, but now I can see why Bookbaby includes this customized rebate on the Standard and Premium e-book-packs.

Oddly enough, we then get this Low Price Promisethat Bookbaby will correspond to any quotation from a competing (reputable) US-printers. We' ll check every offer in writing for an equal book from every serious US-printers. This raises the curious questions why it is driving up printing prices so much! bookbaby on their citations.

Bookbaby's website is sleek, neat and simple to use. There were few bugs with the Bookbaby website and many competing firms like Smashwords could take a scrap! In a relatively brief period of class-leading development, Bookbaby has become an ebook self-publishing market.

That' s impressing in a fiercely contested world, offering the best of many different cultures - all in one place and a powerful sales team. I would like to see better and genuine advertising service, but I guess this is not where the business is going. A good mixture of practical and practical packs and service is available, many of which can be bought separately.

However I am less confident about Bookbaby's printing service and a claim of a low price promise for competing printing offers. In terms of royalty fees, yes, Bookbaby will charge on a a weekly base if you continually limit your top paying, but your edit will always be better if you download an e-book book and spread you book directly with a retailing channels.

Bookbaby pays net revenue to contributors. It is a case of compensating the amount of money and efforts you put in to get your e-book ready against what you have to prepay and finally how many ledgers you have to be selling to recover all in advance costs. PROS-All in one place, key retailing channel (including Amazon Kindle), great website and visibility, regular and fast payment of authoring fees, increasing renown in the self-publishing industry and technological controls on the data submission.

Consistent with a number of factors: net revenue payment from the channel, no down-loadable copy on some bundles, e-mail-only initial bundle maintenance, very restricted direct mail promotion (more guidance and advice), printing surcharge resulting in uncompetitive printing cost (notwithstanding the alleged low price promise), no book distributions, authors' ISBN cannot be used on the initial bundle, and changes to files may result in surcharges.

I have rated Buchbaby as an e-book plattform. Honestly, I'm not sure why it went into printing intermediary duties, and if I were to fully be aware of this, I would actually be knocking that assessment back to 7. 0 or 6. I am sure I can help you if you found this article or reviewer useful but are still looking for a self-publisher for your needs as an writer.

In my capacity as publisher's advisor and journalist for this journal, I have thoroughly checked more than 150 vendors around the globe, such as the ones mentioned above. I am a self-published and traditional writer of nine novels and I appreciate your needs on the way to and beyond this. So before you spent most of your plentiful or even all of your free and easy hours, why not book one of my personalized and reasonably priced consultations today?

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