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As one writes a book: It has always been a pleasant experience to write a report, a novel or a book with Omnibook. Editing software for fiction writers. Enhance your Writing Home Dot control of the Home Dot Publish Confidently editing process. Hemingway App is a very popular online editor that improves your writing.

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Do I need to know how to use the Autowriter? You only have to type in your task and key words and we will present you with a one-of-a-kind article within seconds. The automatic writing programme is fitted with an extended set-up with which you can regulate how uniquely and plagiarism-free you want to design your order.

Write by numbers

Philos Parkeris is unlike any other author you have ever encountered - or even commented on. Because he doesn't do most of his work. Instead, the educated businessman uses elaborate algorithm that can create an entire book from beginning to end in just a few mins. It is a cleverly devised program that imitates the thought processes of formula writing.

While it can take years to build these programmes, once they are ready, new ones can be produced in a matter of mins. As a result, Parker's firm - ICON Group International Inc - has written more than one million publications, mostly non-fiction on very specialized topics. He says that most poems are ruled by rigid formulas.) He maintains that he is essentially Taylorism of the nineteenth century.

Parker's work is not the first trip into car writing, but so far most, like businesses like Narrative Science from Chicago and StatSheet from North Carolina, have concentrated on brief, formulistic sport and thriller typefaces for papers, not on full-lengths. You tell me about the script you developed to automatically create a book. This is Phil Parker: But the nonfiction formulas and methods are not at all inventive..... The whole discipline is referred to as econometry.

Every algorithm we used imitated what economics has been doing for years. I worked on a number of studies in the 90s, and I realised that most of what an economy does is itself a very formula. The emergence of bigger harddisks, Windows, Random Access Memory, would allow a large part of this development to be redeveloped and essentially characterised by algorithmic and used in an automatic way.

These methods are very old, just as the methods of writing Hajiku poems are very old. So, all kinds, no mater what the genre is, are a kind of compulsive writing. This is Phil Parker: The length of the book depends on the page format and character size and the reader's expectation.

Of course, there are limitations in all types of writing. When it comes to non-fiction, however, we understand the practical requirements in this area quite well. That is why for Amazon and elsewhere, all these tracks that we have been creating very arcane categories, and that is because that is what makes folks actually do businesses in. They then give the drafting analytics to a group of guys who do formating and text manipulation and graphics designing, then give it to another group of guys who do meta data, cover, quill... all that.

However, the method of doing so already exists before the accounts did exist. So, it's not a new way of writing? This is Phil Parker: No new spelling. I only use computer programmes that imitate the way it is written. Back to the Elizabethan Sonnettas, Shakespeare or one of his contemporary works produced the 14-line Ibic poetry of pentameters, in which the rhyme patterns were "a-b, a-b, c-d, c-d, c-d, c-d, e-f, e-f, e-f" g-g.

As soon as you have all these formulas, you start writing algorithmic mimicking them. This is Phil Parker: We' ve built a system that imitates the minds.... The reality is, if you go far enough back, all literary is of high formula, not just romanticism.

Several of the categories are so forum-like that the editors of these categories tell prospective authors how to author the text. Wh-what do you mean by "formulaic"? This is Phil Parker: You can turn a love book into a mystery story by re-arranging certain parts of it. First we began with this graph-theoretical method to create glossary entries.

I' ve used this thing named Webster's Online Dictionary.... I have used my dictionary generation algorithm.... in combination with clusters analytics and charting. Is it really 20 mins. to automatically create a book? This is Phil Parker: Setting up the algorithm could take 2-3 years, but once you have it, the software is now fully encoded.

If you choose to post one on a particular subject, it only lasts 20-30 min.... I think the slower one lasts an hours or two, the faster 4 to 10 mins. This is Phil Parker: So how many manuals did you handwrite against the encryption algorythm? This is Phil Parker: Those I handwrote were scholarly textbooks - they were like the MIT media - no formulas were used.

More than 1,000,050 tracks through automatization. What is the big discrepancy between writing and typing? This is Phil Parker: Oh my God, a computer has written that" because most crosswords are so formulistic that you would think they are formulistic.... If they find it useful to be in a formulistic form, so much the better.

It is the aim to give something useful to the human being. This is Phil Parker: Blogger we were talking about before, reading 3 different posts, reading a Wikipedia page.... these guys can be substituted by computer algorithm because they do formula work. Anything you' re doing right now, it's not a formula. It is a very interesting thing to note that they use a formulistic way to provide contents and put their name on a pyline, even though they have actually made a formulistic cut-and-paste.

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