Autobiography of a Student Life

The Autobiography of Student Life

I' ve been an average student throughout my academic life. Here's your chance to tell your life story. I' d like to share my life story, introduce myself and show that nobody is alone. When I saw that days and weeks had passed, I became even more eager to see which private school I could go to. - How does the past affect the future?

I' m a student. Education.

I' m from Hackney and my mother was determined that I should go away from London for a few years and study to be self-sufficient, so I was really thrilled to get a place at the Northern School, especially because only 50 out of 2,000 candidates were admitted, so we all felt really weird.

This was not the regular student life style. We' ve visited all the time, five whole working sessions a month, and because it's about your own practice, you can't have a free one. I then worked as a dance girl one evening a month and in a bar three times a month, so I spend most of my student life weary.

In the first year, like most humans, I was completely unable to take care of myself. Not too concerned about making mates - I just made friend with the other lunatics. I had Russella, the dragooness, on my course, and we're still mates. It was full of performers from different backgrounds, so I worked with performers, artists, architects, stage managers and artists from all over the globe, which was very inspirational.

Opened a universe of literature, theater, and cinema, and I had to think about the constitution of man all year round, and I felt like I was saying something. Mom used to say that you have to go on five appointments with someone because you can't tell if you like them for one, and that applies to the school.

There was an introduction class about how to work really harder - without stress - and then the older med student did a lot of cheating, one of which was that we had to urinate. I' ve also done many non-medical things - I've been in the UCL band and in many pieces.

There is a great deal of stress to have much to drink and much to have a great deal of sexual intercourse, but to learn to say "no" is a really important part of the freshman weeks. I' ve studied in my hometown to be able to carry on my studies without endangering my schooling. Track and Field was my top preoccupation, but I think my trainer was worried because he knew how pupils can be!

So I was staying in a building with two athletic buddies. And I think I probably had a very different freshman-week than most people - I didn't spent all my time going out and getting hammered because I still had to get up to practice.

Though I didn't want to go out every evening, it was really simple to see someone on my class, which was great. Probably I was much more organized and discipline than the normal student, but the hardest thing for me was to make a presentation. It was much more discouraging to stand in front of a room full of crowd to give a talk.

Most importantly, the first year of first semester at Magdalene College in 1988 was the first year of admission of girls to Magdalene College - it was the last of the collages to be mingled. I' d got up a whole weekend earlier to do an interview, but that means I was the only one there for the first five workdays.

There was a steady flow of folks who knocked on the doors and announced that they had "come to see the Magdalena girl"! But I didn't immediately make all my close mates. Tip: Make sure your cookie jar is full - when you see new best buddies or a man of your dreams, you can say:

" So it was very bizarre, everyone was obviously very excited and many friends were already friends. The counsel of my sibling was: "Go to whatever happens and you will see other men who do not like it".

So, on my first evening, I went to a nightclub named I Love Sex. Took me a few month to find someone I liked. In retrospect, if I had entered society, I would have found like-minded individuals much faster. The group was formed at our schools, but we all went to different colleges, so we were able to play in many different towns.

and I ran a contingent with a boyfriend as part of the Leeds Students Green Action. Tip: My brother's advise was good - stick to it and you will see someone you like. Almost every time I had an impact in the first semester of my studies, it was bad.

Thought I' d be meeting guys like me at the college, but the guys I was meeting weren't like me. Only later did I realize that in their rooms did I think, no wonder I couldn't find them. I registered for many things at the freshman trade show (when I wrote my name I thought: "I don't want that").

On the other hand, the way it reveals your shortage of individual skills is the first semester one. Finally I made a few good acquaintances, had the guts to speak for Footlights and began to study. However, the freshman week was really strange - my suggestion is to ignore almost everything that happens.

I came back in the first twilight one of the nights and burned my forast, triggered the fire detector and got everyone out of it. In the first few weeks I became a member of the Oxford Labour Club. It was a real pleasure to meet different kinds of different kinds of persons - also from the Conservative Association.

There' s definitely a similarity between the freshman and your first weeks as a Member of Parliament - not least that everyone asks your name, your district and your nationalities. I' ve been playing women's rougby for two years - it wasn't a big obligation, but it was great and I' ve been meeting other college-goers.

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