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Here you will find tips for organizing your autobiography from a video biographer. Catch your life story, memories and lessons for your family. The writing of your life story tells of your experience, strength and hope, which is passed on to your family and your loved ones. Writing biographies, autobiographies, a diary. Like to build and sell a movie based on your autobiography or life story.

How do you spell your autobiography?

is an 89-year-old anesthetist who has travelled the world and who is now in retirement. She is not well known among the neighbors, but she works on the third part of her autobiography. "I had 32 pages in my first book," she says over the telephone from her apartment in Cambridge. With the media printed, audios or even documentaries, individual historical personalities collect reminiscences and anaecdotes to conserve the histories of daily life.

with Horton on all her work. However, the story is different, he says: "People are so captivated that they pursue more of their family lines, but I say, first of all, I want you to tell me what you know about Grandma or your dad before they leave. "Oke, 51 years old, has worked on more than 150 volumes and now calculates 3,000 per year.

There are other biologists and curators who have written on the basis of interview ing or ghostwriting autobiography. Born in Oxfordshire, he was motivated by the burial of a buddy to start his company at the age of 29. "And then these volumes will have a whole new meaning," he says. "Oke has since joined forces with other authors and is the British agent of the US-based Association of Personal Historians.

A lot of people are paying a lot of cash for movies and accounts. "Horton, who went to Australia alone last year and will be visiting St. Petersburg next May, is the daugther of a doctor and a doctor. Their third is the story of their families. "When you get older, you don't care so much, and so I just type.

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Did you ever think about plotting your life story for your kids, grandkids and coming generation? For your offspring or a broader public, an autobiography or memoirs are one way to make sure your story is memorable. Maybe some will come in handy when you begin to write your own autobiography.

At the beginning I split the procedure into three stages: 1 ) pre-production or design, 2) production or content capture and 3) post-production or edit. Do you write your autobiography for your descendant and your wife? which story, information, supply styles, sound and so on would reach you? On the other side, if your audiences are the general or your equals, consider their perspectives.

So what will your autobiography be about? Are you going to involve your whole life story or are you going to concentrate on a certain topic? Are you going to incorporate your own personal background and life experience? Describe your objectives so that you can concentrate during the processing time. Have you got an end date for the presentation of your autobiography to your host families or for forwarding it to a publishing house?

Then work backwards from that date and specify your write destinations on a regular basis. Make sure you also take times into account when you just need a rest. A structure keeps you organised, focussed and makes processing clearer. The contour can be expected to be changed during the entire machining operation. It' to let your thoughts and your story run.

You wonder what kind of story and information you should incorporate into your autobiography? Bruce Feiler, NYT. und The Power of Mythos : The Advanits Bruce Feiler, NYT. und The Power of Mythos : The Advanits of Sharing Familiy Bruce Feiler, NYT. und The Power of Mythos : The Advanits Bruce Feiler, NYT. und The Power of Mythos : The Advanits of Sharing Familiy Storys of Hard Times" zur Orientierung. Check old magazines or logs, scrapbooks, photo galleries, yearbooks and film. Collect photographs, papers, maps and other souvenirs that can enrich your story.

The use of visible components brings dimensions and a more intimate relationship to your audiences. If you are collecting autobiographical contents, you should mark and store the materials under the appropriate categories in your outlines. However enticing it may be to incorporate every life event into your autobiography, your public will find it overpowering.

Instead, you should find the histories that are supporting your objectives and sort them according to their importance. Your contents will not only become clearer, but you will also see how topics and samples are created. Often relate to your outlines, your objectives and the perspectives of the public. It helps me to switch between the detail of a particular story and the whole story.

Inquire of a boyfriend, a member of the household or even a foreigner about his thoughts and what could be better. Do you need help with your autobiography? Think about attending a language or on-line course, working with a supervisor or engaging a career scout so your hosts know and party.

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