LeRoi Jones's autobiography of Amiri Baraka. The novelist and travel writer Paul Theroux examines the autobiographies of other authors to prove why this piece is enough for him. An autobiographer, Abraham Lincoln wrote three autobiographies in two years. On-line shopping for biographies & autobiographies from a large selection in the Books Store. During my autobiography studies I came across a number of very early memories.

Best sold autobiographies and autobiographies since 2001 | News

These may be the least populare kind of books now, but still in 2005 the sale of autobiographies was not so bad. In the past year, autobiographies made up only 0.58% of all books sold, while "romance and legends" made up 11.26%, in part due to the great popularity of EL James' Fifty Shades of Grey.

However, this means that e-book purchases are not covered by the figures and the sale of used titles is likely to be underestimated. Dave Pelzer's best-selling biography since 2001 is "A Childrens Called It", which sells more than one million pieces and generates over 5.5 million in turnover. With £9.3 million, Peter Kay's autobiography'Theound of Laughter' is at the top of the turnover.

Most on the top 50 are comedians like Paul O'Grady, Dawn French, Russell Brand, Michael McIntyre and Frank Skinner. Considering the release date, the lists look very different. Steven Jobs bio, although the most costly on the RRP £25 listing, sells an avarage of 535 specimens per diem since it was released in October 2011, making it the bestselling bioliste.

This still seems a poor showing in comparison to Cole's autobiography'Cheryl: My Story', which has averaged 2,308 units per night since its publication in October last year. Since 2001, each of the top biographical publications has averaged 223,000 in all. The top 50 autobiographies had an annual circulation of 410,000 pieces.

Although the averages of the best-selling biographical books were 11.01 and 13.61 for a Top 50 autobiographical book, the sales prices for both were lower than the EIA. Although art autobiographies have declined from 2.1 million in 2005 to only 649,000 in 2012, this is still the most favored topic.

The sale of historic, flamboyant and militaristic autobiographies has also declined sharply during this period. The number of license fee autobiographies, which have been declining since 2003, almost doubles between 2008 and 2009. The biography of people of religion and spirituality about their own life remains the lowest of the categories and accounts for only 1% of all our business.

  • Dreams from My Father:A Story of Race and Inheritance" by President Barack Obama is number 4 on the best-seller ranking with 784,000 sold cars. - With 25 pounds and the most costly Autobiographie on the register, Tony Blair's'A Journey' is ranked 42. - How many of the 332,000 sold "Feel:Robbie Williams" reached the eleventh place in the biographical charts cannot be said, because enthusiastic supporters misunderstood the game.

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