Auto Reader App

auto-reader app

It is not just another text reader and more than a quick reader. Readers have some unique characteristics: This is the most powerful text to speech reader. Share directly with other applications, such as the Edge browser. - Set highlighting with automatic scrolling.

Free of charge AutReader 3-D

It is not just another text reader and more than a quick reader. Readers have some quite different characteristics: - While in read modus, words or words flash one after the other on the display at a controlled rate, similar to the spraying technique. - 3-D stereo allows you to view with 3-D effect on any unit without eyeglasses.

  • In overview you can browse or browse simultaneously. - Adoption of pinching, spreading and rotation to resize the text or adjust the display alignment at any given moment. This makes it possible to transform the reader into a useful and intriguing learning experience and reduces eyestrain. Auto-reader allows you to view much bigger text, which is important not only for visually handicapped users.

Also, for example, during transportation, on the road, on the moving bike, etc. when focussing on a small text that is tiresome or not possible for the human eyes, the outer ocular muscle is relaxed at the same time (like looking at the horizon) and the focal point is on the stereocouple that can help to synchronise the focal point of both of them. This is also useful as it often makes one of them more focused than the other (we can't be aware of this, but just feeling tired).

For the good of your sight! And that' s not all, with Auto-Reader you can get results more quickly than before. Auto-reader speeds up scanning and eliminates sub-vocalization, one of the key drivers that slows down scanning. It is a custom to say words learned in children while they learn to speak and do not quite vanish without specific education.

Attempt to slowly accelerate the rate of display of words (slide your fingers on the screen), with the rate of gain the tuner is no longer keeping pace with the amount of information and is no longer included in the process - information from the optical analyser will be immediately sent to the meanings.

You' ll see that you can see that you can easily and quickly start your work. This app can be used as a velocity training tool. - Slick ticker (finger up / down). - Skim through the pages (fingers right / left). - At any time, turn the monitor to any desired position (tap the monitor with two hands and turn it 90 degrees).

  • If you double-click, you can switch to another session (from overview to reader, from single to 3-D stereo and back again). - Variable text reader swiftness (finger up / down on the screen). - Scrolling to the next or next block in read operation (finger on the right / lefthand side of the screen).
  • There are more than 20 wallpapers to choose from for the reader. - Short-phrases readers with intellect. Other advantages of the commercial version: - No limitation of speeds, - No advertisement.

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