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We' ll send you the best publishers. Send your fiction, non-fiction and poems to the best publishers. Information on the interpretation of fair trade in UK law can be found on the Society of Authors website. A complete guide for authors. EMENDAL and its editors are committed to good publishing practice.

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All we do is publish eBooks and papers on various facets of typing and publication. Much of what we publish is unique and focuses on a particular part of the publication, such as agents or publishers review. We' re paying between $25 and $50 per item. The majority of our items are between 250 and 1200 words long.

We' re also paying $500 for eBooks of around 10,000 words. WOMAN: We DO NOT publish ANY kind of letter. Please note that we are NOT interested in freelancing written material. Neither do we publish a reprint. Your submission may not have been previously posted on your own blogs or in any other magazines.

Please have your item published exclusively, but after six month the right will be returned to you. They can enter a pitches of an unsigned item in the e-mail message bodies. When you send in a complete story, you can append it as a.doc,.docx or.rtf attachment.

It is also possible to copy and past the item into the text of the e-mail. Your e-mail should contain the suggested headline of the item and your full name. Please enter your full name and a brief 50-word biography in the text of the e-mail. We' re particularly interested in papers on how authors can help them write or shape their career.

We' re interested in contributions about self-publication and tradition. These include essays on agencies, publications and meetings. From time to time we publish papers on the mechanism of typing. We' re paying between $25 and $30 for these items and they're usually less than 800 words long. These are some samples of some of the items we are happy to publish:

Newspapers are longer and on a subject that addresses a broad spectrum of authors. They are sent out on their own so that they can attract the interest of a broad spectrum of people. Commemorative issues should be about 1000 words long.

Please note that we recommend a minimum pitch of 50 words for each book. Some of the past success stories include: We' re paying about $500 for all eBooks we publish, plus any extra cash from the sale (our eBooks are given away for free initially), and new issues. eBooks should be at least 10,000 words long.

The majority of our eBook staff publish items with us before they publish eBooks. Submit Publish Repeat and The 2017 Guide to Manuscript Publishers are our most popular eBooks.

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