Authors of Childrens Books

Children's book authors

The best children's authors. The Chronicles of Narnia. The reason it's great: you can't have a list of great children's authors and not include them. Wellcome to the Society of Children's Book Authors and Illustrators. Do we have a list of your favourite Canadian children's books?

Seventeen authors on the children's books that make them cry

And who doesn't like good tearjerkers? Sure, and we know that children's books are full of them, so we asked 17 authors to write the books from their early years, which make them healthy to this date. is the best-selling writer of Judgment Road, the first part of her all-new Torpedo Ink family.

The best-selling Witchcraft Secretseries writer Juliet Blackwell is the alias for the soon-to-be released A Magical Match, the Haunted Home Renovation range and the forthcoming The Lost Carousel of Provence. She is the writer of Seven Days of Us, a heart-warming and funny novel about a mysterious familiy who can't keep their mysteries under lock and key when she unites under one shelter.

She is the creator of Claws for Concern, the latest episode of the Cat in the Stacks Concertseries. The Healing Power of Essential Oil, a guideline for integrating ethereal oil into your daily routine, is written by Eric Zielinski. He is the best-selling writer of more than two dozens of books, among them the forthcoming Why King the Innocent, the latest in the Sebastian St. Cyr' legendary franchise.

He is the writer of Somebody's Daughter, an exciting story about a man who has to rescue the lives of a little maiden who could be his daughters. Waxman is the writer of Other People's House, a moving and funny novel that enters the homes of a group of neighbours and reveals the many underneath.

When I was little, I was possessed by her books and her work. From near the Lake District, where Potter worked and resided, and as a prospective novelist she was my idol even then - I wanted to be her.

She is the writer of Little Big Love, a heart-warming novel about a little kid who suddenly unites a couple. She is the writer of a moving novel about a small familiy that needs to come together to cope with a range of unforeseen upheaval.

She is the writer of Let Me Lie, an episode about a girl who can't tolerate her folks committing suicide and on a quest to find out who could have killed her. Daniel-chidiac is the writer of Who Says You Can't? He is the creator of Real Magick, a profound insight into the story of magick and the way we deal with magick in our daily work.

"Robert Munsch's' love You Forever is the tale of a mother's unquestioning and infinite affection for her newborn. Sophie Ryan is the writer of the New York Times bestseller Second Chance Cat Mystery serial, which includes The Fast and the Furriest. She is the writer of the Undercover Dish and Twisting Paths and the Writer's Apprentice Mysterieseries.

"It is always hard to pick a favourite from my early years, because it was important in my school. LCSW-based Katie Hurley is a children and youth therapist, parental specialist and playwright. It is the foundress of girl Can and the authoress of No More Mean girl. is the best-selling New York Times novelist for the Paws and Claws Mystery Collection, featuring the latest episode Not a Creature Was Purring.

She' also wrote the Domestic Divas Mystery Show. Which of the children's books still makes you foggy?

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