Zadie Smith is considered one of the most talented authors of her generation and started her literary career with the multiple award-winning White Teeth. There is also an archive of articles from our magazine The Author relating to general questions. Valuable information for prospective authors from Emerald, the world's leading publisher of management research. The authors we carefully select are educators, bestselling authors and recognized authorities. Authors submitting articles about ScholarOne manuscripts can download a guide and relevant FAQs for all their training needs.

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To give you the fundamentals of a broad spectrum of interests, we are publishing and hosting a series of guidelines, papers and other series. There is also an archives with general questions from our journal The Authors. As SoA members, you are invited to use these resources as a supplement to our free, unrestricted consulting services.

Below is a complete listing of our and our hosted books. Alternatively, you can send us an e-mail to ask for one of the leaders. A number of our tours are available for non-members. Please call 020 7373 6642 to make an appointment for your order or send us an e-mail for more information. In order to open most of our guided tours, you must log in to our member area.


SoA is a federation for all kinds of authors, graphic artists and translator at all phases of their career. For more than a hundred years we have been counseling and advocating the work. The members are offered free counselling on all facets of the professional status, which includes a confidentiality clause-to-clause review and a broad palette of exclusivity offerings.

We commit ourselves to the topics that concern authors and organise a variety of activities throughout the UK. SoA also manages scholarships and awards to assist and promote authors at all phases of their career. A number of bequests are administered by us, and their proceeds help us in our work.

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Learn how you can add multi-media and interactivity to your articles and distribute your research information and research tool to help you submit them. The Researcher Academy is a free e-learning tool for unlocking the full range of research opportunities. Receive practical instructions on subjects such as research promotion, information sharing, research correspondence, benchmarking and effective communication of your work.

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