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Complimentary authoring tools for eLearning. Authoring tool by Tim Wang, John Bratlien, Liang Shao authorPOINT by authorGEN Technologies. As a free version of a commercial authoring tool authorPOINT Lite creates eLearning content by converting PowerPoint presentations. Authoring tool for multimedia learning objects. Enables the creation of materials with video, text and multiple-choice questions.

Complimentary authoring tools for e-learning

I will appreciate it if any of you have used these authoring utilities if you provide us with a demonstration of the definitive edition! I would be very happy if you know a free authoring software that is not listed, if you could write a review with a hyperlink!

EasyGENERER offers cloud-based authoring software for e-mailing. Easy Generator allows curators and professionals to quickly build the most compelling and effective classes. Easily build, customize and publicize your own online training programs. Is used and beloved by over 5000 people in more than 120 different companies and academia.

Microsoft LCDSThe Microsoft Learn Content Development System (LCDS) is a free utility that allows the Microsoft learners to build high-quality, engaging virtual classes and Microsoft Silverlight Learn Snacks. With SmartBuilder, you' ll get the award-winning course authoring tools to build immersive flash eLearning with an easy-to-use user experience.

Tim Wang, John Bratlien, Liang Shao's Multimedia learning authoring tools enable multimedia professionals to mix and match videos, sounds, images and text into a synchronised teaching piece. authorPOINT from authorGEN TechnologiesauthorPOINT is an authoring tools that allows the user to create a presentation and record a pre-recorded audio/video, all within Microsoft PowerPoint. authorGEN also offers authorPOINT Lite, which converts PowerPoint presentations to Flash.

From what we can learn from their website, Pipity is an on-line pipeline maker. Dipster allows people who are known as dipsters to post their own contents on topics that matter to them and even more. JetDraft SoftwareDocument Suite 2008 is an authoring utility that converts files into on-line help files.

The Izzui is a hybride socially oriented study program that can be combined with QuickLessons. The Izzui also has an e-commerce ability that allows the user to calculate and purchase the course they have made. WMBJackdaw Jackdaw by e-Learning creates SCORM 1.2 conformant contents that can be readily incorporated into any LMS. Interactivity can be achieved either from the ground up or using over 100 different layouts.

With Jackdaw, you can also build contents that you can resell on the Open Elms Web Store. From what we can learn from their website, LessonWriter is a teacher's resource that allows them to build LessonWriter from any part of the text. Solo from MindOnSiteMOS Solo provides a way to build on the go without the need for a permanent web-connect.

Although they use a WSIWYG off-line authoring solution, they don't loose the features and performance to produce their multi-media contents. myUdutu Course Authoring Tool from Udutu Learning SolutionsAn on-line authoring solution with a set of WSIWYG features that allows the user to build training in an accessible world.

QuickLesson's authoring tools from QuickLesson's QuickLesson suite have been designed from the bottom up to be a fully SaaS-based authoring tools where the end customer only has web browsing capabilities. QuickLesson's features include features such as contests, gaming, characters, out of the boxes animation, and other customisable contents so that people can build truly original and engaging Flash-based contents that fit their needs.

QuickLessons can either be used free of charge and their contents can only be published on Facebook, or they can purchase an individually, company-owned or academically based bankroll. MIT Media Lab ScratchFrom what we can collect on their website, scratching is a powerful resource that will help publishers produce contents beyond the boundaries of tradition.

The xtimelineby Famento Incxtimeline is a free, timeline-based creation utility that allows website visitors to easily publish their creation to the Internet by using it. User can also split their time lines with other user to build a group.

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