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Writing a book

I' m working on a book about "Global Competence in Higher Education". You' re further in your career than I am. Coauthoring of a book series for sale 140K + prints

Now that the era of the Internet is dawning, collaboration between writers is simpler than ever. Working together on a work is not only a good way to connect and expand your skills, it can also be enjoyable and a reward. I' ve written six books with Bobby Adair The Last Survivors and the result has been worth the while.

I will explain how we started our relationship, how we worked together on authoring and publication, and how we co-ordinated our advertising activities to successfully market more than 140,000 of them. Being an independent writer, I wanted to extend the range of my latest show. But I had an idea: I would address several writers in my science fiction/horror category and see if they would tell an inventive tale from one of their own present "universes".

" Then we would release the works as an artwork and make them available to our readership to expand our audience. I first approached another independent writer, Bobby Adair. We' d never really got together in the first place, but we'd taken part in several boxesets - a collection of works published and sponsored by a group of writers.

Both of us were full-time authors (or future authors) from the business community. You and I both loved storytelling with powerful, likeable personalities. Rather than publish an Anthologie, we have chosen to contribute a novel - perhaps even a serial. Both Bobby and I were carefully enthusiastic about the cooperation, but we were also a team.

As many of the independent writers, we have chosen that a show is the best way. So we started with a first script, arranged the worlds and personalities and saw how things were going. And if the welcome was good, we would release a serial with several books. In our first conversation, Bobby and I decide that the show would be named The Last Survivors.

But we have been spending our free part of our lives constructing the environment, the character and the rule of our fictitious state. First sketches were written in Microsoft Word, where we shared the tasks of design-scripting 50-50, and each of them written from the perspective of different people. To write the first one together was funny, but exhausting. Right from the start, Bobby and I decided to put our emotions aside to make sure the whole thing was the best of it.

It is still remembered that I opened my first revised section of Bobby and failed because of the never-ending series of fixes. I was in that ledger together. The first design of the volume was finished after much work. As a result, the novel was a mixture of our two genres - a third "author", whom we humorously called Bobby Piperbrook.

This" voice" became the serial-art. We' ve opened a new Amazon eshboard and we' ve changed the name. Just like the letter, the commercial aspects were give and take. We didn't know what to expect when we published our first volume, The Last Survivors. We' ve posted the album on our website:

Several of our older readership were enjoying the new text, while others were cautious. We' re still working. Approximately six month later we published The Last Escape, number two. We' ve also reworked the front page of the first volume to take up our full name, as the reader confused "Piperbrook Adair" with another name.

Within a few get-togethers we gave away 40,000 pieces of the first album. This sponsorship resulted in a cute tip in paying sells for two books by enclosing an example section and a Live link in the back affair of one of the books. Gradually we started to build up a new crowd - a mixture of our latest fans and fans in surprising music.

To identify new targets, we advertised in the fields of action and adventure, science fiction and fantasy, instead of just our key readership in post-apocalyptic. Sells again. Indeed, it did sell well enough that we chose to follow our initial plans and make The Last Survivors become a run of six books. We speached often, shared the tasks of typing ad texts, tracked ad delivery and made budget choices.

As" number guy," Bobby took over the ad set-up and monitoring as I was writing texts, posting advertisements on Web sites and Kindle planned countdown deals. Bobby and I finished the show two years, 400,000 words and six volumes later. We had together produced a show that none of us would have made alone.

The Last Survivors has to date delivered nearly 125,000 e-book prints and 15,000 audio books. We' ve been reaching audiences from all over the globe - those who love to read the show as much as we have written it. Part of the bonus in taking down the show was that we were helping each other to find new audiences through cross-promotion.

We have also found people in new categories who have gobbled up our various works and wished to see more in the universe we made for The Last Survivors. In order to keep these people happy, I finished a four books show in this under the name of The Ruins, and Bobby has written a pre-quel show named Dusty's Diary.

Each of our mailinglists, which we have linked to in the background of our various publications, and a mailinglist we have specially made for The Last Survivors enthusiasts, keep us in touch with these users for further publications. Now Bobby and I have someone else with whom we can talk about the commercial side of editing and exchange our own work.

Last Survivors has enhanced our two typefaces and established a relationship that continues to this day.

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