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So why did you decide to publish yourself and what led you to Authorhouse? I' ve decided to publish it myself because I really wanted to tell a contemporary Nigerian story. You are a Pay to Publish House. Neither of these operations is the kind of self-publication you hear about when you hear the success stories. Writer Andrea Carlile talks to AuthorHouse about self-publishing.

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Enjoy real literature liberty and keep complete command over your books - from editorial and proof-reading to page creation and page layouts; from publishing and licensing to publishing and bookstore management, you can select what you want for your work. And the best thing about it: Your own authoring staff will assist and promote you throughout the publication as well.

So, select the best parcel for you! Ideal for most textbooks, monochrome has been the classical means of publishing for hundreds of years. So if your main part of your work is text, monochrome photography or line drawing, look no further - we have a B&W publishing pack to suit your needs. Ideal for photobooks, cooking textbooks, guidebooks or children's fiction, our colour packs are for writers who want to present their images and illustration in beautiful colour with their beautiful colour-props.

Celebrate your textbook for the attention of your reader and their souls! Only the best children's literature can be inspiring, educational and entertaining.... all at the same in one! Would you like to read your text in front of an audience of canadians? Our Indigo Chapters Review Package gives you the opportunity to get a stock of your favorite titles from Canada's biggest bookseller as well as publishing and promotional publishing resources.

Are a fraud?

After my initial Dorrance Publishing report, there was a statement by Mr. Keith Johnson: "This report made me think and took another look at this type of publishing pages. It' s not long before you can find a complaint from an author who relies on publishing houses like Authorhouse.

There is a huge dilemma with these businesses and their offbeat sites like that they target the careless. You cite how simple it is to release your work and make a sale, but what they don't tell you is that you don't own the right to this work.

This is because you can sign up for the ISBN (International Standard Books Number) and then share your work with anyone you want. You' re the writer of a textbook and want to publish it, you select a bundle and buy it from the publisher to take all the necessary actions on your name.

They' re registering the notebook in her name, because unfortunately that's what you pay her for. The ISBN is a great way to make a living. Now that they own the ISBN, they can give this out to any store they see fit and make cash from your heavy work. Of course, this seems to be a full-scale rip-off, but the pledge to receive a royalty on your publications does not usually ring like an alert bell.

Concerning the precise amount of sale you will make.... nobody knows, except the publisher, because he will not give out the actual number. However, don't lose sight of the fact that you own your own copy because you register it under your name. You have the ISBN and without it there is nothing you can do.

And you are going to need to keep a watchful eye on Authorhouse to make sure they are removing this copy of your copy of your books from being on Sale. Next, you must re-register your eBook under your own IBN. Click on the Important information for publishers button to get a 12-page PDF that explains everything you need to know.

Get a new artwork and a new in-house design, as Authorhouse probably won't allow you to use the artwork you made. I can really see after several long years of research why writers come into conflict with so many pages that offer this and that and then give nothing back. is a fraud? definitely one to be avoided (again!) because of the deceptive information provided. frank about what you give in exchange for such high charges, because as I said in my Dorrance Publishing Review, the total cost should be minimum.

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