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We would like to introduce writers who merit particular consideration, either because of their topic or because of the extraordinary value of their work. For further writers, please check our newsgroups. Writers whose name you may know from Hollywood, the musical industries, sport or government. The self-publication can result in a deal with a conventional publisher for some writers.

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Publish control: Price of the book: AutorHouse background: AuthorHouse, formerly known as 1Books, is a self-publisher located in Bloomington, Indiana. Headquarter, Autor Solutions, Inc. ASI is made up of a dozen of publishers, among them AuthorHouse, iUniverse, Xlibris, Trafford, Wordclay, Palibrio and others. While the headquarters of Autor Solutions, Inc. is in Indiana, most full-time staff (~78%) are located in Cebu, Philippines, providing authoring manufacturing, distribution, marketing as well as technical assistance capabilities.

Publication Bundle Details: You can find all the information about the bundle on AuthorHouse's website. You can find all information about the DEP-Website. To publish a work is an invention - in thought, space, enthusiasm.... and finance. The reimbursement of your original capital outlay, your ROI, is an important element in evaluating the offerings of companies competing for your books and your company.

A Spoiler Alert: The AuthorHouse writer must be selling 550+ to reach the break-even point, while the Dog Ear writer achieves the full ROI after 187 copies of the work he sells. Authorhouse will suggest a selling fee, as described on Authorhouse's website, which will be fixed for a sales volume, and "Authors will grant a 10% license fee through[AuthorHouse]'s sales channels....".

You continue to furnish an example of a product that at $15. 99 (retail) giving the maker a donation of $1. 60 per product when oversubscribed in allotment. Suppose this is a 150 page 6x9 pocket edition, AuthorHouse writers need to resell more than 550 titles to cover the costs of their original outlay.

By way of illustration, we are assuming a 150-page 6x9 pocket edition and a sales value of $15.99 to correspond to the AuthorHouse example mentioned above. Writers who plan a presentation, are looking for a review and/or wish to participate in any number of other promotion projects are likely to need at least 100 titles after publishe.

To understand how much you as an editor are paying to order a copy of your own work is another important element in evaluating publisher businesses sold by self-publishers. Finding printing fees for authors' prints is important, but not simple. AuthorHouse in particular. AuthorHouse does not charge you for copying authors.

You' ll need to release your own work first, tell them your order amount, and then you'll know how much your own works will be. Founded on a 150 page 6x9 softcover, authors copies by AuthorHouse are $7. 82/book -- $782 for 100 copies. 6x9 paperbacks. "Possible refunds for a publishing package... will be charged as follows: i) Before submitting the manuscript:

The copyright, or absence thereof, of using the final work (all types of computer generated files) is the most alerting. After all, these data are the basic outcome of servicing charges charged to every publishers. On the other hand, AuthorHouse bus licences are granted by the editor with regard to the use of IP and the sequence of contractual changes (e.g. termination), see paragraphs #2-#5 above.

For the third group of notes for any searched writer, words for paidback, i.e. ROI, or if things don't work, AuthorHouse's reimbursement policies and other remedies, see article #6-#8. When AuthorHouse's 10% license fee for writers can be described as insufficient, the AuthorHouse reimbursement policies can best be described as abominable.

It' simply not right to charge an artist $150 before submitting and/or working on a work. In it we discussed the writers' right to determine retail/wholesale conditions for their work, their right to produce digital artwork (without conditions), 100% net profit from the sale of their work and our 100% reimbursement policies (for work in progress).

Do not hesitate to get in touch with us for more information while you carry on your publication research!

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