Author Writes a Story

The author writes a story

Nursery school teacher reads "Arthur Writes a Story" by author Marc Brown. The Hamilton Swoop Wizard of Green Ridge. That''When an author writes your story: and takes his big chance. A story is a letter the author writes to himself to tell himself things he wouldn't otherwise discover.

A young author writes history of experience in the worlds

There was once a young woman who used to live in Pacifica and write a story about "a young woman called Giulia who craved adventure". Launched officially on 17 September, the author has published the author's books in German, French and Spanish. It''The Maiden with the Magic Unicorn'' and its author Michelle Longega Wilson is 8 years old.

Soon after the launching, Michelle's novel entered the top 100 of Amazon Children's Books Best Sellers List. It is the first volume Michelle has ever published for her bilingual series of books, entitled "Adventures of Giulia". Your work is a page break from start to finish, reminding us that we are never too young or too old to comprehend that the realm has a wide range of heart-filling adventure for those who are not afraid to climb through doors to find out about others.

In" The Girl with a Magical Unicorn" Michelle leads her reader to Alaska, the Sahara and Mexico City - all places Michelle would like to go. Giulia travels to Venice, Italy to see her Italian co-usin. It is a place Michelle has often visited.

Michelle was baptised in Venice and grew up in Pacifica. She is the medium of Don and Sabrina Longega Wilson's three chrys. Several of Michelle's favourite textbooks are in Italian, including the Geronimo Stilton Chaptersooks. She also publishes "The Girl with a Magical Unicorn" in French.

Because Michelle loves a horse and a pair of horns. The author told her protagonist Giulia that she and Giulia are similar at her years. Michelle's novel was illuminated by Leira Cenizal, who is living in Qatar. And Cenizal is a productive children's books illuminator.

Michelle's familiy found Cenizal through the oDesk website, a worldwide on-line work place where independents can mingle.

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