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It is a wonderful tool for any writer at every stage of his career. "S.A. Soule, bestselling author of the Fiction Writing Tools series, and Creativity Coach. yWriter is a word processor that breaks your novel down into chapters and scenes to help you keep track of your work while leaving your mind free.

Are you working on your latest novel? He is Martyn V. Halm, Published Suspense Fiction author for writers and authors. The Writer software makes writing a book much easier.

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You are a successful author using Novel Factories? Please contact us if you would like to become one of our writers. "I like to use the Novel factory to shine up my early designs and personalities. It is a great resource for any author at any phase of his career."

S. A. Soule, Meilleure vendeuse de la série Outils d'écriture de fiction et Coach de créativité. "When I wrote my first volume directly on Google Drive, I quickly realized that I needed to find a much better way to plan and manage my work. But I didn't even expect the 7-day test to end once I opened it, I knew it was for me and immediately payed for my license.

I' ve now planned eight Novels with the application and every times I use them, I find new functions I can use. Trilogy is also a great way to keep me busy. Multiple storyline items and plots are transferred through the book, so a quick'save as' means I can make the 2 & 3 book file sets in a set and then customize the file sets for the new storyline by including and excluding items such as character, location and points as needed.

I' m storing all my data in a dropbox and even synchronizing it to two workstations. I' ve found no better piece of music and I'm always committed to helping people with a story of development and customization, which The Novel Factory certainly does. There is no doubt in my mind that this is a great write instrument for writers, I could not do without it now.

He is the writer of The Secret Bunker Trilogy, The Grid Trilogy and several non-fiction books. Addons His next projects is a set of psychothrillers. </ i>.

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