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Christine Witthohn @ Book Cents Literary Agency, LLC. Dean Cooke @ Cooke McDermid Literary Agency. Very little is known about John Havergal and Author Literary Agency in public.

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How do you get an operative? What does the scale of the office play a role? Suppose you have to switch agents? Deals between writers and agents can be fiddly. In order to help you unveil the secrets of the contract, we have put together a guideline with important points you should consider.

We are here to lead you through the stages that any author should consider before getting involved in the most important literary relations. Advice for writers on how to find an agents and successfully refer them to a publishing house. We will be joined by Marya Spence from Kanlow & Nesbit Associates, Jacqueline Ko from Wylie Agency and Anjali Singh from Ayesha Pande Literary, with Halimah presenting Marcus from Electric Literature.

During this first part of the session, our panellists Yuka Igarashi (Soft Skull Press, Catapult), Michelle Legro (New Republic) and James Yeh (VICE) debated how to promote the Internet and how typing for the Web is different. Presented by Dwyer Murphy of Electric Literature.

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Notice: Due to aliases, author photographs may be applicable to more than one name: (Imprint, Macmillan, 2018)..... Performed by Natalie Lakosil. Revengele is living with her husbands in Cleveland, Ohio, but is dreaming of returning to Boston, the town that she falls in lover with when she went to grad schools there. Performed by Natalie Lakosil.

As a convalescent actor and vocalist who has grown up between Virginia and Paris, Adriana has at last regained her first obsession: the romantic. With her big ancestor, two small kids and a big cats she lives in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Presented by Laura Bradford. Performed by Natalie Lakosil.

Under the name Jess Granger, she also wrote novels for adults. Presented by Laura Bradford. Presented by Laura Bradford. Together with her husbands and kids, she is living in semi-rural Australia, where if she looks outside at the right time, she might see a marsupial. Presented by Laura Bradford. Presented by Laura Bradford.

Born in Wisconsin, Lindsey Becker has lived with her man and kid, writing literature with spirits and creatures and mythical creatures and daredevil little girl who enjoy adventures and magical adventures. Likes reading and watching films and all kinds of arts and crafts and blogging. Performed by Natalie Lakosil. won the Romance Writers of America's renowned RITA Award, two Reviewers' Choice Prizes and a Seal of Excellence from RT Book Reviews, and was added to the Publishers Weekly Best Book rankings each year.

She' living near Atlanta with a man and two boobs. Presented by Laura Bradford. Her writings include Paranormal Romance, Contemporary Romance, Science Fiction, Erotica (under Sophie Starr), Thriller and even some romantic comedies. Performed by Natalie Lakosil. Sarah Castille worked and travelled abroad before swapping her portfolio and stiletto for a fistful of magical seeds and a house near the Rockies.

Their steaming, modern romance stories show remarkably fiery alpine characters who have been tortured and inked for their dexterity. Presented by Laura Bradford. Presented by Laura Bradford. She is a photographer who has written a number of photo albums and modern literature. She' s also a pro actress, speaker and spell recorder and is living in a rural yacht with one man, too many kittens and just the right number of girls.

Performed by Natalie Lakosil. Born in Philadelphia, she loves to cook, bake and develop prescriptions for (and eat!) wholefoods, herbal lifestyles and occasional swings dances. Performed by Natalie Lakosil. She is an editorial and romanticist. Is also writing young adults under the name Suze Winegardner for Enangled Teen Crush. 12.

Presented by Laura Bradford. She is a free-lance author for (on the important but very unfortunate subject of miscarriage and loss of pregnancy) and also publishes young adult literature (which is not often melancholy and full of kisses). Living outside Milwaukee, WI with her man, boy and the noisiest cats in the whole wide family.

She' s writing too loudly (according to her husband), she' s spent too much quality much idle energy on the web and can't get enough of catastrophe film. Lindson also wrote New Adult under the name Ellie Cahill. Presented by Laura Bradford. Dalcher and her husbands now share their times between the American South and Naples, Italy, after several years abroad, most recently in Sri Lanka.

Presented by Laura Bradford. Presented by Laura Bradford. A prizewinning author, Victoria De La O comes from Silicon Valley, California. Spending her days bringing up two mad children with her husbands, working at Stanford University, fighting over movies and participating in harassment. Published by Laura Bradford. Journal, and as such she has written for a total print run of approximately 250,000 copies.

She is currently living in Southern California with her husbands, two shepherd dogs, a Thai cats and the occasionally migrating opossum. Performed by Natalie Lakosil. Presented by Laura Bradford. She is a five-time Golden Heart finaleist and resides in the Midwest, where she is a member of her own smoke and heat ventilation center and the executive committee of a dancing group.

She' s got five kids, two sons-in-law, a hubby and a lunatic cats. Presented by Laura Bradford. She is living with her doctor and her three dog. Performed by Natalie Lakosil. Presented by Laura Bradford. Gabaldon, author of the New York Times No. 1 best-selling novel. Presented by Laura Bradford.

Presented by Laura Bradford. Fore Me Up: Presented by Laura Bradford. She is the author of more than 300,000 on-line publications and blog posts. She and her wife live in Nashville, where she works in information technology. Performed by Natalie Lakosil. Presented by Laura Bradford. As Sophia Garrett always knew, she wanted to become a novelist, a novelist of historic romanticism.

In her teens she used to devour the latest novels of romantic icon such as Johanna Lindsey, Sabrina Jefferies, Julie Garwood and Kathleen E. Woodiweiss. As national bestselling author Tori St. Claire and award-winning author Claire Ashgrove, Sophia also sings. Performed by Natalie Lakosil. Presented by Laura Bradford. It has also released eight teaching manuals, teacher's handbooks and thirteen works of shorts for adults.

Performed by Natalie Lakosil. They live with their husbands Jerry Lagorio and two bitches and two mice. Performed by Natalie Lakosil. Presented by Laura Bradford. She is a New York-based author and dramatist. Katherine Tegen Books/HarperCollins will make her YA novel HERETICS ANONYMOUS début in the summer of 2018. Presented by Laura Bradford.

Allegedly and upcoming MonDAY'S NOT Comning ( "HarperCollins/Katherine Tegen Books", May 22, 2018), Tiffany D. Jackson is the author of the NAACP Image Award-nominated ALLEGEDLY, which has been celebrated by critics. Performed by Natalie Lakosil. He has written steaming modern fiction and new tales for adults and has written more than a decade of them. They debuted as a #1 Amazon bestselling romantic franchise, and their new intensive romantic franchise, TRAPPED and TEMPTED, will also be released with Entangled this year.

Living in Minneapolis with her two leaders - her man and her young boy - she is always on chat with the people. Presented by Laura Bradford. Performed by Natalie Lakosil. Presented by Laura Bradford. Presented by Laura Bradford. She is the author of more than fifty works, among them her first novel Call Me, which she wrote in the series " Isn't It Rom?

" Author of The Complete Idiot's Guide to Erotic Romance and an experienced bloogger, Alison long ago ruled that she doesn't want to know if there is a better careers than that. They live in their home Texas with their geologists husbands and a number of domestic animals.

Presented by Laura Bradford. It still has the enviably high-paying work of a house technician for three of her four young grown-up kids, because unfortunately one has flew the crib. Presented by Laura Bradford. Kimberly has devoted most of her lifetime to literacy and storytelling.

She has since worked for a paper as a journalist and journalist and for a children's publishing house, where she had the opportunity to produce several textbooks. Whilst she really enjoys these memories, her favourite style is composition. They live in Minnesota with their husbands, their two kids and three rotten males.

Presented by Laura Bradford. She is the author of The Cutting Room Floor (Flux 2013), a Junior Library Guild Selection and If You were us (Flux 2015) as well as the upcoming Entangled Publishing series. With her cheerful spouse, lovable boy and bad puppy, Dawn is living in the Twin Cities.

Presented by Laura Bradford. "a marvelous new vocal in the West romantic. "Joan Johnston, replaced by Laura Bradford. Presented by Laura Bradford. Presented by Laura Bradford. Currently she is living in San Francisco with her man and boy, and although she has been in the Bay Area for almost a decennium, she still measures the storms on the Gulf Coast.

A. J. is a member of Romance Writers of America and was a RWA Golden Heart winner for Twinted Miraces, Book 1 in the hotly contested The Shadowminds franchise. Represented by Sarah LaPolla. Cat Latham is a California woman who worked as an London based journalist for five years and now resides among the Dutch, so if you think her orthography is confused, you should listen to her accident.

Having spent her whole adulthood in big towns, she now resides in a small city in the countryside of the Netherlands, encircled by kilometres of verdant pastures, channels and Shetland-pony. As a writer, she has written sexily romantic sets all over the globe. Presented by Laura Bradford. Also a graduate of the Loft Literary Center (Minneapolis, MN), she is a member of the Women's Fiction Writers Association and a member of Romanance Writers of America.

If she doesn't write about the experiences of clever girls, she will live her own adventurous career as a female driver, globetrotter and enthusiastic WWII alumnus, especially of the social changes in the United States. They live in Minneapolis with their man, a kitten saved by a group and an older mustache queen, probably called Methuselah.

Presented by Laura Bradford. She' s living in North Carolina with her own Native American being. Presented by Laura Bradford. She currently works on her next novel in Scottsdale, Arizona. Presented by Laura Bradford. Madeleine Martin is living in Florida with her two cute girls and two critters.

Although raising the face of Corporate America, she is a complete literal historian who very much fits her obsession with composing historic romances. Presented by Laura Bradford. Performed by Natalie Lakosil. Presented by Laura Bradford. Presented by Laura Bradford. Presented by Laura Bradford. represented by Sarah LaPolla.

Represented by Sarah LaPolla. She lives in Alaska with her husbands, children, domestic animals and the casual wild boar that roams the herd. Performed by Natalie Lakosil. Now she lives somewhere between Disney and the marsh, with her man, boy, two bitches and two males. Presented by Laura Bradford. In addition to her work as a YA author, she is currently doing her doctorate in English because she is communicating through literary stories, and the vision of bloody stories also makes her ill (which the medicine college has removed from the list).

Performed by Natalie Lakosil. Presented by Laura Bradford. She grew up in North Carolina and now lives with her scientific hubby and three smushed-face hounds in the San Francisco Bay Area. She writes romantically exciting and modern romanticism, is inspiring and enjoys bringing her coastal to coastal experience to her storytelling, which can be enjoyed by all.

Presented by Laura Bradford. Alex Riley is two cheeky girlfriends who met and written some filthy textbooks. Presented by Laura Bradford. The New York Times and USA TODAY best-selling author Katee Robert learnt to tell her tales on her grandfather's knees. When she was twelve, she found romantic fiction and never returned.

If she doesn't compose sexily modern and high-spirited stories, she is spending her free day imagining how to play with her little ones, how to drive her man with what-if issues and plan the unavoidable zoomie epic. Presented by Laura Bradford. Presented by Laura Bradford. Warmflash Rosenbaum realised that she wanted to create textbooks when she was eleven years old.

Performed by Natalie Lakosil. Performed by Natalie Lakosil. "Acting through Laura Bradford. She is currently an Englishman in Washington where she is living with her wife and two children. Performed by Natalie Lakosil. "Acting through Natalie Lakosil. She' s living in Chicago with her hubby. Stephanie can be found on Twitter and Instagram at StephScottYA when you chat on TV and everything related to music.

represented by Sarah LaPolla. You are now an Entangled Publishing journalist, writing fiction for young adults with many kisses and adventure. She is living in Ohio with her Owl families and a constantly expanding owl population. Presented by Laura Bradford. Joanna began to read every love story she could get her hand on.

Now Joanna is living with her New Jersey relatives and can still read all the words of the preamble. Joanna's DRAWN TO THE EARL won RWA's Golden Heart® for the best historical romance. Presented by Laura Bradford. She will make her début as a modern YA novel to be published in 2019. Presented by Laura Bradford.

The national bestselling author Tori St. Claire was raised as a writer. Hobbies quickly became her passions, and when she explored the romanticism of teenage life, poetry and novelism gave way to hot characters and heroine characters who waited to be mended. Performed by Natalie Lakosil.

Contributing to the crime of children, Mary Elizabeth Summer writes volumes on rebellious teens with criminals tendencies. "and her wicked headmistress, cats. Presented by Laura Bradford. Auralee Wallace is the author of funny comercial novels for ladies and occasionally she is a visiting blogs writer for Penny Dreadful Bush and Reviews.

Performed by Natalie Lakosil. Kaiitlin Ward is living with her man and boy in a small New Hampshire city. BLEEDING EARTH, her first YA horn novel, was released on Adaptive Books in 2016, and her forthcoming YA Thriller in A BAD PLACE will be released on Scholastic in 2017. Represented by Sarah LaPolla.

Presented by Laura Bradford. She has a great obsession with bringing dark characters to a blank canvas, complemented only by her affection for literature and travel (especially to the savage places in southern Africa) and possibly by her hate of hangers and lunch at schools. Happy and chaotic, she is living in Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa with her man, small kids and her many cats.

Presented by Laura Bradford. Performed by Natalie Lakosil. In Brooklyn she is a nursery school teacher. Performed by Natalie Lakosil.

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