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Newest tweets from Author Earnings (@authorearnings). Writers don't deserve a salary for a book, be it one or more. Indie authors make a higher license fee, but do a lot more work and also have overhead. We have Bryan and Jim back for another week with the latest news and tips for authors. The author earnings confirm that even published authors are now leading both in market share and author income.

Authors: Rapid drop in revenue in the UK

Its £10,500 in earnings is in comparison to the 17,900 in £17,900 last year, which the Joseph Rowntree Foundation defines as the earnings levels seen as a social decent livelihood for a particular one. ALCS research shows that the authors' earnings are still falling strongly and the wage differentials between men and women are widening.

Vocational authors - those who devote more than half of their working time to literacy - have seen their average income fall by 42% in actual figures since 2005 and by 15% since 2013. The income is also significantly below the minimal salary, which is 7.83 pounds for the over-25s. On the basis of a 35-hour working week, the average pay per hour for a pro author is now £5.73.

With 3,000 pounds per year, the average "median earnings of all authors" - which include not only the above -mentioned vocational authors but also casual and part-time authors - are also dropping sharply, dropping by 49% in actual figures since 2005 and 33% since 2013. With the decline in revenues, the number of full-time authors has also sunk.

Forty percent of the world' s leading professionals in 2005 earn their living exclusively through their work. Last year, this number fell to 13.7%. Being letter earnings decrease, most novelists are looking for career portfolios that complement their written earnings with other doctrinal as well. Results in the UK are generally in line with the 2015 Author Guild pay surveys, which showed a continuous drop in authors' revenues between 2009 and 2015.

This decline is due to the growth of the British creativity industry, which is now estimated at 92 billion and is expanding twice as fast as the remainder of the British business community. There is a wider sex wage differential, with the mean income of women writers only accounting for around 75% of the mean income of men writers, compared with 78% in 2005.

These results are derived from a poll of 5,500 authors, more than twice the number of those surveyed who participated in ALCS' author earnings research to date in 2013, and a higher number than the overall number of those who participated in 2005 and 2013. and ALCS chairs, said:

"This third ALCS income poll confirms what most authors know only too well that income continues to fall and that it is more difficult than ever to earn a livelihood as a profession. He continued that research "strongly questions" whether the state appreciates the work of its authors, without whom "our land and our civilization would be impoverished in every way imaginable".

To the Society of Writers, said CEO Nicola Solomon: "The decrease is highly unsettling. This is unsettling for the job as mean income has fallen 42% in real terms since 2005 and is now well below the threshold." And he continues: "If writers can no longer make a living from their work, the range of new and cutting-edge typefaces will run out.

As the SoA quotes in 2016, Publishers Association figures show that authors received only 3% of publishing revenues in a market worth £5.1 billion, while major publishers' profits were around 13%. a c. r. e. e. a. t. o. r. initiative, which calls for "laws against abusive contractual clauses and a fairly distributed remuneration along the entire value chain".

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