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single courses Please subscribe to our mailinglist for further information about forthcoming livecourses and new publications of self-study courses. NFAA Authorities: Review your member homepage for specific course rebates. Ultimate Author Marketing CourseThis 12-module course is loaded with strategies to help you grow your audiences and increase your book sales.

The Ultimate Author Training course is followed by the following single components. They are self-paced programmes for those who wish to take their own courses. Included in all courses are the following services:

Writers - At a glimpse

Employment is needed in the following regions: Authors use words to articulate thoughts and interprete information. Working in a stereotypical working environment, writer: Speak to others by phone, e-mail and in private. Can work part or fulltime. Lyricists usually work full-time. Illinois authors are earning an average salary of $58,945 per year.

There are 4,332 Illinois authors working in this media profession.

The assistance and education you need to establish your authoring empire and make your brand around the world.

Assistance and education you need to develop your authoring universe and shape the way the rest of the planet works. All-in-one author management system tailored to the needs of authors working to develop their platform and author stores - from monitoring day-to-day wording and selling books to strategy management, implementation and author-branding.

Are there any ways to design and run a bookstarter that delivers RELEAL results? What if I don't have a large community of fans or an e-mail mailing lists of tens of thousands? In order to resolve this issue, I teamed up with publisher specialist Joel Friedlander ( to develop a special tool kit that contains trainings, spreadsheets, checklists and policies to maximise your start and prevent expensive mistakes.

It' entitled Buch Launch Toolkit and not only saves you the trouble of creating your own designs and models from the ground up (or'assembling' policies from other authors). Are you willing to make a dedicated roster of enthusiastic supporters, increase your exposure and boost your booksales?

Creating a focused and investment-driven mailing lists of recipients is one of the most important things you can do to secure the long-term development of your work. Regardless of how important it is to blog, engage in public relations, your e-mail is the only thing that allows you - if maintained - to directly and in person with your readership on an on-going one.

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